Bukit Cerakah Halfpipe

Last weekend we went to Bukit Cerakah to check it out among the first ever half pipe built in Malaysia (somewhere in the 90’s).
the halfpipe located like 2-3km into Bukit Cerakah forest, situated in front of Skytrex. If you ant to go, just ask the worker there, location of Skytrex.

There will be a project going on this halfpipe soon. Just stay tuned.

p/s: going to the halfpipe location is not so easy, up and down hills, made me really exhausted. lol.




Vans BMX Illustrated: Scotty Cranmer Full Part | Illustrated | VANS

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Kayuhbmx trip to Art Of Speed JB

Our crew went to Iskarnival, Johor Bahru for the Art Of Speed BMX Street Competition supported by Vans Malaysia.
This is a little bit of highlight of the trip to the event. We planned to do street riding on our way to the event but unfortunately it was raining all day. So we only have footages of riding at the event.


Thanks to everybody who participate in the making of this video. Also thanks to Vans Malaysia for helping us with the tour. Thanks to Art Of Speed & Iskarnival for making a great event.

We really looking for more event like this in the future.



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