Vans Dragon Tour 2018


The Vans Dragon Tour video is finally out!

Bangers! just bangers! So stoked!

We are glad as Malaysia is one of the places in the tour video.

Thank you Vans Malaysia for making this happen.

Thanks to the team : Colin Mackay, Justin Kosman, Joe Edelman, Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, Calvin Kosovich, Sean RIcany and Raja Shami.


Pertandingan Sukan Lasak MBPJ Result


BMX Park Result

  1. Syafiq Norzazlan
  2. Raja Shami
  3. Ammar Shukri
  4. Mohammad Noor KL
  5. Hafiz Sofi
  6. Art Jom
  7. Mohd Farhanuddin
  8. Imran Ibrahim
  9. Azri Azrae
  10. Mohamad Noor Penang
  11. Hidayat

BMX Street Result

  1. Syafiq Norzazlan
  2. Raja Shami
  3. Mohd Farhanuddin
  4. Art Jom
  5. Ammar Shukri
  6. Shaszwan
  7. Mohamad Noor Penang
  8. Mohammad Noor KL
  9. Wai Kian
  10. Aqram
  11. Syazani Zulkifli Jajan

Ride The City in conjunction with House Of Vans KL 2018

It was one of the best event we had ever done. 100% street obstacle with riders going crazy at each spots.

Thanks to everybody that came over to join the ride. And also big thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen.

Here are the photos and result of the Ride The City street BMX event in conjunction with House Of Vans KL

1st Spot

  1. Anto Leysa – Barspin to feeble grind to barspin out
  2. Mohd Hafiz Putek – Feeble nose 180 half cab
  3. Saiful Ariff – 180 nose bonk gap
  4. Mohd Farhanuddin “Aan” – Switch feeble hard 180
  5. Zulkifli JB – Feeble 180 crank flip
  6. Art Jom – Feeble hard 180
  7. Muhaimin – Feeble 180


2nd Spot

  1. Anto Leysa – Switch feeble to tailwhip out
  2. Art Jom – 180 rewind double peg
  3. Syafiq – Smith to nose bonk
  4. Mohd Farhanuddin “Aan” – Feeble hard 180
  5. Saiful Ariff – Feeble to fastplant 180
  6. Shaszwan – Luc-E grind
  7. Joko – Feeble 180


3rd Spot

  1. Syafiq – Barspin to feeble grind to manual tailwhip out
  2. Mohd Farhanuddin “Aan” – Switch feeble to manual to feeble hard 180 out
  3. Ammar Shukri – Feeble grind to manual barspin out
  4. Muhaimin – Switch feeble to manual
  5. Saiful Ariff – Manual to feeble grind barspin out
  6. Art Jom – nose bonk 180
  7. Arif Solehin – Feeble up to X-up ride 180
  8. Aqram Razali – Feeble 180
  9. Wai Kian – Feeble 360 (sketchy)
  10. Rafiq Hashimi – Feeble 180 to fakie double peg (sketchy)
  11. Zulkifli JB – Feeble hard 180 half cab

Ride The City spots map

Here are the map of the spots that we will be hitting this Sunday.

See you at 2 Hang Kasturi before 2pm. Please come early so that i wont hear you stuck in the traffic!

You can park your car at Dataran Merdeka or Central Market.

2 Hang Kasturi building

Ride The City in conjunction with House Of Vans Kuala Lumpur 2018


In conjunction with House Of Vans KL happening 7th – 9th September 2018 at 2 Hang Kasturi KL (near Dataran Merdeka), we will collaborating with Vans to make a street competition in the heart of KL City Center on the last day of the House Of Vans KL (Sunday).

We gonna ride and hit 3 street spot around town and every spot will have 2 winners bases on best trick/best line. Dont miss this exiting event!


2pm : Gather at 2 Hang Kasturi

2.30pm : Move to 1st spot till 3rd spot

5pm : Back to 2 Hang Kasturi. Grab some food.

5.30pm : Prize giving ceremony



1st : RM300

2nd RM200


Twenty Inch Cup points will be accumulated from all the 3 spots.