Kejohanan X-Games 2019 Zon Tengah photos & results

After the Tuna Skate Plaza launching event, we straight went back to KL for the Kejohanan X-Games 2019 Zon Tengah at Putrajaya Challenge Park. This was the last BMX event before Ramadhan start. Really like one day before everybody start fasting.

In this event we got Adrian coming all the way from Depok, Indonesia. He came over just to join this competition but it he had a bad luck on that day, he crash pretty hard on the 720 attempt (he over rotate it) and he broke his wrist.He had a pretty good run on the first run but he crash on the second run.  But it’s ok, Adrian is a strong rider. He will get back on the bike and rippin again soon! Get well soon Adrian and big thanks for willing to come over and support our event. Hope to see you again soon.





Open & Rookie (21 years old and under) category standings

  1. Syafiq Norzazlan (Open Category)
  2. Saiful Ariff (Open Category)
  3. Raha Ashami (Open Category)
  4. Adrian Dwi (Open Category)
  5. Mohamad Noor “ego Penang” (Open Category)
  6. Ammar Shukri (Open Category)
  7. Hilmi Asyraff (Rookie Category)
  8. Hidayat  (Rookie Category)
  9. Imran Ibrahim (Open Category)
  10. Eng Wai Kian (Open Category)
  11. Hadric Tadaski (Open Category)
  12. Haziq  (Rookie Category)
  13. Ammar Faiz (Open Category)
  14. Sharafudin (Open Category)

P/S : we combined the riders from Open & Rookie category to get the ranking for TIC points

Tuna Skate Plaza launching photos & results

Pulau Pinang has a new skate plaza located at Jalan Tuna, Seberang Jaya known as Tuna Skate Plaza. It’s a really decent skate plaza good for the locals to have a session. Located at the middle of housing area and also next to the main road, pretty sure it can attract new riders to involved in this ‘extreme sport’ activities.

Thanks to YB Dr Afif Bahardin for makin it happen. He seems like really supportive about youth movement and we really looking forward to Penang government for more project that related to youth. Also we would like to thanks to Nazril Hashim a.k.a Serabut from Bangstry Crew for being the man behind the making of this skate plaza. He has been working so hard to push for the skate plaza to happen.



The competition was a good event with many riders from Penang itself and neighboring states (besides riders from KL) participate in the competition. There is one new local rider name Jon that we really look forward to. He got the style. Might be the upcoming rider from Seberang Jaya. Hope to see you rippin on the next event Jon!






BMX Street/Park

1. Syafiq Norzazlan
2. Raja Shami
3. Shahrulnizam
4. Hilmi Asyraff
5. Mohamad Noor
6. Imran Ibrahim
7. Rafiq Hashimi
8. Syed Muhammad Firdaus
9. Hafizi “Fizie”
10. Shaszwan
11. Hidayat
12. Azram Razali
13. Jon
14. Aniq Solehin
15. Fitri “Rancak”
16. Fairuz Zamir Johar
17. Muhaimin Mazlan
BMX Flatland
1. Ahmad Shaiful Azis
2. Afiq Afandi
3. Hafiz Abd Wahab
4. Nurhazme
5. Izwan Roslan
6. Harif Houzey
7. Wan Mohd Shah
8. Ariff Othman
9. Akim
10. Ameerul Akrameen
11. Mohamad Faiz Rizuan
12. Mohamad Razin Irfan
P/S : There is also some photos from our north region trip during that time   ^_^

X-Game Zon Utara Photos & Results

Thanks to KBS KEdah & Yayasan SUltanah Bahiyah for making this happen


BMX Park Amateur Result (North Region closed)

  1. Matnoor ‘Ego Penang’
  2. Hidayat
  3. Koya Miyazaka
  4. Zuhair

BMX Park Open Result

  1. Syafiq Norzazlan
  2. Raja Shami
  3. Imran Ibrahim
  4. Rafiq Hashimi
  5. Asyraf ‘Acap’
  6. Hafizzudin

BMX Flatland Open Result

  1. Ahmad SHaiful Azis ‘Mat Dagu’
  2. Afiq Afandi
  3. Hafiz Mohd Wahab ‘Apit’
  4. Taslem Raziff ‘Botak’
  5. Harif Houzey ‘Arip’
  6. Ainul Fajri
  7. Nurhazme ‘John’
  8. Mohammad Hafiy ‘Asang’
  9. Wan Mohamad Shah ‘Matbum’
  10. Shahrizal ‘Jan’
  11. Fitri

BMX Flatland Amateur Result

  1. Ameerul Akrameen
  2. Nur Airen Sofea
  3. Airiel Haziq
  4. Muhammad Fakrul Irfan
  5. Areef Zhafry
  6. Mohamad Faiz Rizuan
  7. Mohamad Razin Irfan
  8. Nur Aidryana

Seberang Jaya, Penang new skatepark opening ceremony

Category : BMX StreetPark & BMX Flatland

Registration : 10am

Twenty inch cup point to be collected

for more info contact 0124597593 (Nazril)

X-Game Zon Utara 2019


Category : BMX Park & BMX Flatland

Registration time : 8.30am

Twenty Inch Cup point to be collected

Contact 0126830842 (Sunny) for more info

Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2018 Season results

Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2018 Season happened last Saturday was so lit!

Another history has been made in the Malaysia BMX scene. Everybody just having fun with friends and their bikes. That’s what BMX is all about. And that is what Twenty Inch Cup is all about, we just want everybody to enjoy the event and the moment with their bikes.

We from Kayuhbmx would like to give a big thanks to Vans Malaysia for keep on supporting us (this is the 3rd year Vans is supporting TIC) , Without the support from Vans Malaysia we don’t think we can go this big. Thanks again Vans Malaysia.

And also thanks to all the BMX riders that came and support us. Without the riders we are nothing. You guys rock!

We really looking forward for the next TIC event. Till next time guys! “In BMX we unite, in BMX we stand”






BMX Street

1. Farhanuddin ‘Aan’
2. Rafiq Hashimi
3. Syazani Zulkifli
4. Syafiq Norzazlan
5. Andy Lau
6. Muhaimin Mazlan
7. Ammar Shukri
8. Sufian Abu
9. Matnoor ‘Ego Penang’
10. Zulkifli Benu Amin
11. Asyraf ‘Acap’
12. Aqram Razali
13. Shaszwan
14. Saiful Ariff
15. Hadric Tadaski
16. Azri Azrae
17. Imran Ibrahim
18. Haziq
19. Ammor
20. Sharafuddin ‘Shah Sparkers’
21. Wan Haris
22. Sean Crowley
23. Barney
24,Fitri ‘Rancak’
25. Zuhair


BMX Flatland

1. Taslem Raziff
2. Ahmad Shaiful Azis
3. Wan Mohd Shah
4. Ariff Huzey
5. Mohd Iswan Roslan
6. Nurhazme
7. Redza
8. Asang Hafaya
9. Fitri
10. Afiq Epit


BMX Park

1. Syafiq Norzazlan
2. Saiful Ariff
3. Matnoor ‘Ego Penang’
4. Hidayat
5. Imran Ibrahim
6. Andy Lau
7. Matno Stures
8. Rafiq Hashimi
9. Ammor
10. Ahmad Adib
11. Farhanuddin
12. Azri Azrae
13. Sufian Abu
14. Zulkifli Benu Amin
15. Haziq
16. Ayraf ‘Acap’
17. Hadric Tadaski
18. Ammar Shukri
19. Sharafuddin
20. Syazani Zulkifli
21. Fitri ‘Rancak’
22. Zuhair


Best Trick

Wallride Section
1st – Imran Ibrahim
2nd – Syafiq Norzazlan
3rd – Shahrulnizam a.k.a Sunny

Street Section
1st – Imran Ibrahim
2nd – Aqram Razali
3rd – Rafiq Hashimi

Flatland Section
1st – Ahmad Shaiful Azis a.k.a Mat Dagu
2nd – Taslem Raziff
3rd – Redza Pablo




Photos by Amril Nico @amrilnico

Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2018 Season

Twenty Inch Cup is back for the 4th time to crown the overall winner of BMX Street/Park and BMX Flatland for 2018 season.

It will be happening on 27th April 2019 (Saturday) at Mont Kiara, Skatepark, Kuala Lumpur. It will be a whole day of full BMX action and we would like to invite anybody that has an interest in BMX Freestyle to join us and have fun at the event.

Date : 27th April 2019
Time : 10am – 10pm
Location : Mont Kiara Skatepark
Competition : BMX Park, BMX Street, BMX Flatland
Competition registration fee : RM5 (total collection of the registration fee will be accumulated and given to the winner of the best trick competition)
See you at the most havoc BMX event of the year!


BMX Street Format

  • 1 minute run. 2 run. Best run count. No final competition.
  • Judging will be based on the street style, difficulty of tricks, variety of tricks, risk factor, use of course, execution, originality, landings.
  • Prizes : 1st place RM350, 2nd RM250, 3rd RM150, 4th RM100, 5th RM50


BMX Park Format

  • 1 minute run. 2 run. Best run count. No final competition.
  • Judging will be based on the amplitude, style, difficulty of tricks, variety of tricks, risk factor, use of course, execution, originality, landings.
  • Prizes : 1st place RM350, 2nd RM250, 3rd RM150, 4th RM100, 5th RM50


BMX Flatland Format

  • 2 minute run. 2 run. Best run count. 10 riders will go final competition. Final format will be the same.
  • Judging will be based on style, difficulty of tricks, variety of tricks, execution, originality, consistency.
  • Prizes : 1st place RM350, 2nd RM250, 3rd RM150, 4th RM100, 5th RM50


Best trick competition

  • there will be Park, Street & Flatland best trick competition
  • 30 minute jam.
  • Prizes 1st place RM150 + total cash accumulated from registration fee. 2nd place rm100, 3rd place rm50