TIC Final Ranking

Here is the final ranking after the BMX Street / Park section A and B , and also for BMX Flatland competition at Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale last weekend at Mont Kiara Skatepark.


Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2016 Season full result


BMX Street / Park 2016 Overall Winner – Syafiq Norzazlan



BMX Flatland 2016 Overall Winner – Hafiz Abd Wahab


On The Day Competition

  • BMX Street / Park : Section A
    1. Syafiq Norzazlan
    2. Saiful Ariff
    3. Azri Azrae


  • BMX Street / Park : Section B
    1. Syafiq Norzazlan
    2. Saiful Ariff
    3. Ammar Shukri


  • BMX Street / Park : Section C / Best Trick
    1. Mohd Hafiz – Rail Ride to 180 out
    2. Syafiq Norzazlan – Crooked Grind to Barspin
    3. Farhanuddin – Nollie to Doublepeg Grind to Hard 180 out




  • BMX Flatland
    1. Ahmad Shaiful Azis
    2. Afiq Afandi
    3. Edris Salleh
    4. Fadli Kamal



Side Events

  • Funky Chicken Challenge by MDG Clothing
    1. Harif Houzey
    2. Afiq Afandi
    3. Abdul Jalil
    4. Edris Salleh
  • Steam Roller Chalenge by Huhu
    1. Afiq Afandi
    2. Fadli Kamal
    3. Edris Salleh
  • Slow Bike Challenge by Crunchy Munchy
    1. Fadli Kamal
    2. Asang
    3. Azri Azrae
    4. Arif Safuan
  • Bunnyhop Challenge by The Curb
    1. Syafiq Norzazlan
    2. Azri Azrae
    3. Aqram Razali
    4. Ammar Shukri
  • Bike Balance Challenge by MDG Clothing
    1. Hadric Tadaski
    2. Jaka Indra Lesmana
    3. Nurhazme
  • Longest Peg Wheelie by Devise Clothing
    1. Fizi Penang
  • Longest Bunnyhop Challenge by TRM Bikeshop & Devise Clothing
    1. Mohd Hafiz
    2. Aqram Razali
    3. Farhanuddin
  • Manual Challenge by AgunBMX
    • Mohd Hafiz
    • Fizi
    • Saiful Ariff
    • Fadli Kamal
    • Shaszwan


Twenty Inch Cup Grand Final 2016 Season photos

Last weekend was an epic weekend. Tired to the max but it was super fun.

Crazy good vibe on the event day, so many riders turn up to the event from all over Malaysia. its good to meet some old friends / riders who came up to Mont Kiara Skatepark just to be part of the event. So many riders turn up to join the competition so that we had to delay the schedule. We are sorry because we couldn’t do the BMX Street/Park : Section C competition due to some problem, so we just combined it with the Best Trick Competition.



Thank you so much to Vans for making this happen. Thanks to Mat Dagu who give his hand to almost everything to make the event happen.

Thanks you to all our supporters – The Rawe-Rawe, Basikal Kita, Undernorth BMX, The Curb, Tionghin, Crunchy Munchy, Devise Clothing, MDG Clothing, AgunBMX, Huhu WaxClay, Kluang BMX, Bangstry Crew, Civilian Apparel, Ramp Master, Goyang Kaki BMX, Mprolabs, KLBMX, OSBMX Malaysia, Redbull Malaysia, TRM Bikeshop and Always BMX.



I can’t thank you enough to everybody who came down to the event. Your guys are legend. It will be a day to remember.




Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale for 2016 Season


Everybody should be headed to Mont Kiara Skatepark this 15th April 2017 (Saturday) for the Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale for 2016 Season.
The BMX Street / Park competition will be divided into 3 section, which every section will have 1st – 3rd winners (its like BMX Street / Park will be having 3 competition on that day) and one category for BMX Flatland (winner will be award from 1st – 4th place).

Beside the main competition, there will also be a lot of mini side event from all the sponsors, such as bunnyhop contest, peg wheelie contest, best trick contest, funky chicken contest and many more.

We also gonna have a BBQ session at night.

No registration needed, no need to pay anything, just come and enjoy the event. Its a DIY event by riders for riders.


BMX Street / Park

section 1
1st – RM300
2nd – RM200
3rd – RM100

section 2
1st – RM300
2nd – RM200
3rd – RM100

section 3
1st – RM300
2nd – RM200
3rd – RM100


BMX Flatland

1st – RM400
2nd – RM300
3rd – RM200
4th – RM100


The Side Event


There will be a surprise new rail at the Mont Kiara Skatepark


We gonna have a BBQ session at night



Volkswagen Tiguan launching

Kayuhbmx team together with The Alpha Movement team has been choreographed to perform a show for the new Volkswagen Tiguan launching event