Vans Dragon Tour

Be prepared to meet the best street rider from Vans Global Team : Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, Ty Morrow & Calvin Kosovich ! This Sunday at The Curb, Mont Kiara Skatepark. 5pm – 9pm.

The will be a meet and greet session, signing session, jam session and free BBQ for everybody!

Don’t miss this might be once in a life time opportunity.

Thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this possible.







BONA FIDE means Genuine or Real.
This is how we show our real and genuine love to our BMX scene.

Kayuhbmx full part video supported by Vans Malaysia.

Featuring Saiful Ariff, Amar Shukri, Mat Dagu, Farhanuddin ‘Aan’ & Syafiq Zazlan.

We would like to thanks everybody who involve directly or indirectly in the process of making this video.


Music Credit
Saiful Ariff part : Blood Ceremony – Half Moon Street
Ammar Shukri part : Psychemagik – Hot Body
Mat Dagu part : Orkes A Hizadin – Merajuk
Friends & Family part : The Bat Caves feat Waris – Bukan Tunjuk Bagus
Aan part : Kmy Kmo feat Luca Sickta – Gong Nekara
Syafiq Zazlan part : Too Phat – B.O.M.O.H
Intro & Outro : Ulek Mayang remix

Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2017 Season results

BMX Park Final Result

  1. Syafiq Zazlan
  2. Ammar Shukri
  3. Saiful Ariff
  4. Mohammad Nor ‘Mack’
  5. Farhanuddin ‘Aan’
  6. Mohd Hafiz ‘Putek’
  7. Raja Shami
  8. Mohammad Noor Md Yusuf ‘Matno Ego Penang’
  9. Idham Ahmad ‘Am JB’
  10. Imran Ibrahim
  11. Sharul Nizam ‘Sunny’
  12. Shaszwan
  13. Sufian ‘Yan Kluang’
  14. John Chan
  15. Adib
  16. Acap
  17. Mahad Asfuna
  18. Eng Wai Kian
  19. Aqram
  20. Muhaimin

BMX Flatland Battle Result

Team Battle

1st Place
Lek Luu..

  • Sharul Nizam ‘Sunny’
  • Shami
  • Eng Wai Kian

2nd Place
Cumi Squad

  • Ammar Shukri
  • Mohammad Nor ‘Mack’
  • Syafiq Zazlan

3rd Place

  • Farhanuddin ‘Aan’
  • Mohd Hafiz ‘Putek’
  • Acap