Twenty Inch Cup Grand Final 2017 Season – Video Highlight


It was another great memory & experience at TIC grand final.
We introduce a team battle competition that was fun as hell. Riders was so sporting and hype on that.
Thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen. Without Vans we are not sure if we can create an event like this. Thanks again.
Thanks to everybody that came and participate on the event. You guys rock!
Music credit :

1. Iqbal M – Antara Dua Darjat
2. A.C.A.B – Bangun
3. Toko Kilat – Pemacu Api

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Vans Dragon Tour – Malaysia & Singapore photos

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Here are some ‘unofficial’ photos we took on the trip.

Thanks Vans for making this happened.

Looking forward for the videos to come out.

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KL Night Ride 2018



It was a last minute plan for a ride gathering at KL City Center in the Ramadhan month. We manage to gather quite a lot of riders just to ride around the city and have fun together. Good to see such a good vibes from everybody. Hope to see you again next time.

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