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Prior to the start of social distancing roomies Dennis Enarson, Corey Walsh and Jason Watts set out to build the ultimate backyard ramp. When the sun went down so did the heavy riding…

Vans is proud to present Homestead, a fresh new edit from Dennis Enarson, Jason Watts and Corey Walsh, filmed by Christian Rigal. The impetus for the film came together after the three built a world-class ramp setup in Dennis’ backyard late last year.

“Making Homestead was something really special,” Dennis said. “The same guys who built the ramp happen to be the two best ramp riders in the world. So, once we lit those ramps up it was time to get done everything we could until the three of us could barely walk. I’m proud to make this split edit with Corey and Jason, and premiere what I think is the most legit backyard ramp setup in the BMX world.”

After completing the three-month buildout, the crew was amped to get some time on a ramp that serves as a rider’s dream setup — a sentiment that shines through in this edit, along with some of what Jason and the crew dubbed “Pull-Back or Die” moments. “Some good times went into building this ramp,” Corey commented, “and there’s only going to be more good times riding and building in the future.”

“Thank you, Vans, for backing it since day one,” Dennis added. “Thank you Christian Rigal for making such a sick video and thank you Jason and Corey for all the good times – from the ramp build, all the way to filming this video.” 

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Botak Kuantan Vlog

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Taslem Razif a.k.a Botak Kuantan has made some vlog of his previous experience. Here is some of what he did. Enjoy.

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PJ Bus Stop – in memories

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PJ Bus Stop (its actually a centralize bus station, but we used to called is ‘bus stop’ ) located in the Petaling Jaya Old Town center is one of the most favourite street spot for BMX riders and skaters years back then. It’s pretty near to Arena Skatepark, so after riding at the skatepark, many riders came over to the bus stop for the next session.
PJ bus stop has made so many good and bad memories to our scene. This spot is no longer available to ride since the bus stop has been revamp to a new look that is not suitable to ride anymore.
These videos was taken is 2013

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BMX Crash / Slam Compilation

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We have been doing BMX videos for couple of year. So here is our crash/slam compilation video that we get.


“Stay positive. Ride Hard. Make it happen”

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