Shah Alam Sincity




Another good videos from Shah Alam new blood riders. Its good to see how active they are. We need more videos like this from all over the country. Keep it up guys.


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Basikal Kita Edit


The bmx scene in Malaysia is not huge but it is growing steadily, with bunch of new faces/riders, competitions, sponsors and many more factors we’ve seen a lot excitement. The society are getting the picture about what is bmx and extreme sports, kids are getting the exposure, and the riders are always pumped-up. Here’s one of an example, BasikalKita is a bmx group that has been running and shredding since 2010. They come from the Southern part of Malaysia, Johor and these guys can really shred when it comes to street riding.

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A Day With Sunny


A day in life with Sunny video project with Sony Malaysia to promote the new Sony Action Cam HDR-AZ1VR.

The Sony Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1 is smaller and lighter than many competitors; it has excellent video quality with solid electronic image stabilization; the live-view remote lets you wirelessly preview, review and change settings, and has GPS; it has a splashproof body and a removable, rechargeable battery; the included tripod mount gives you plenty of accessory choice.

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Aan Vid Edit

Aan breaks it down with style with a good mix of street and park.

We need more video like this from you all riders.

keep it up!

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