Mat Dagu video compilation


These are compilation of some Mat Dagu’s video that has never been posted before. Enjoy

BMX Back To 80’s Super Mega Gathering photo & flatland result

here some photos from the previous BMX  Back To 80’s Super Mega Gathering and also the BMX Freestyle Flatland competition result BMX Flatland Open

1. Sheikh Mohd Taslem
2. Ahmad Shaiful Azis
3. Redza Rahman
4. Haref Houzey
5. Nur Hazme Janis
6. Wan Mohd Shah
7. Izwan Roslan
8. Idris
9. Nor azmer
10. Shafiq Wahid
11. Mohd Hafiey
12. Mohd Afiq
13. Ruzaini
BMX Flatland Beginner
1. Nur Airen Sofea
2. Nia Nur Aidryana
3. Mohd Razin
OSBMX Freestyle
1. Sharil ‘Aril Ipoh’
2. Angga Robiansyah
3. Wan Shah Sigos
4. Sopi
5. Syed ‘Boy’
6. Sharin ‘Black KG Pandan’

BMX Day 2019 Around Malaysia


It was good to see riders had a gathering for BMX day all over Malaysia especially at Putrajaya, Kedah, Johor and Sabah.

Lets make it bigger next year!


BMX Day Putrajaya Street Spots Jam Result

1st spot
1st place – Syafiq Norzazlan ~ nose manual to manual to smith grind to nose bonk barspin out
2nd place – Rafiq Hashimi ~ manual to barspin + sw feeble grind 180 out to fakie bar spin
2nd spot
1st place – Rafiq Hashimi ~ sw feeble grind to 180 barspin
2nd place – Hilmi Asyraff ~ sw feeble grind to 360 out
3rd spot
1st place – Ammar Shukri ~ barspin to feeble grind
2nd place – Mohd Farhannuddin – feeble grind to crank flip out




BMX Day Putrajaya details

BMX Day 2019 Putrajaya Street Spot Jam!

We would suggest you to park your car in front of McDonald Presint 2 Putrajaya.

Gather at Dataran Wawasan Presint 2 Putrajaya (in front of Ministry Of Finance) at 2pm. We will have the first spot jam at the Dataran Wawasan.
2nd spot will be at the stairs just near the first spot.

3rd spot, we will cycle towards Dataran Gemilang / Kementerian Perumahan, the spot is near there.


See you on Saturday! There will some product prizes for the best trick on these spots


Malaysia BMX Day 2019

There will be few BMX Jam is several places in Malaysia for this BMX Day 2019.

Please be part of it.





Le Tour De Langkawi 2019 BMX Show


This is a video edit of Kayuhbmx crew to show some of our experiences trough the 9 days of all over Malaysia tour with Le Tour De Langkawi 2019. Thanks LTDL2019 for having us. Hope to see you again next year.

Also thanks to RA Concept and Human Voyage for giving us the chance to be part of LTDL2019.