The Penang Trip #GoodTimesByAGoodDay



3 young guns from KL made a short trip to Penang last week to ride with the locals over there.

Watch how they shred the parks and street over there.

Glad to see somebody make an effort like this. Congratz guys.


some words from Aan.

“Penang is the best place ever , beautiful ocean and delicious meal. In the past few days, I and my friends had planned the trip to get here and it was worth it. Thanks to Fizi, Yas Ancong and Kecik for giving the best service and be our tour guide. Paddle around the island and to express something is my dream even my heel need a recovery time . Shout out to #BangstryCrew for their good commitment for this video. Thank you guys .”



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SlowmoTV is a website that has been created to promote Malaysian extreme community like BMX, skateboard, in-line and the others.
The interesting part about this website is that the content is like 90% video basis and the rest are article and  latest info about extreme sport community inside or outside Malaysia.
Categories inside this web tv is like Atlit Profile, Event, Trick Tips, Fresh Blood, Day In Life and the others.
This website has been launch on 1st April 2011 and it is run by by some well-known people in this extreme sports industry.
With this website, we hope that it can put more colors to our extreme sports scene.
Log on to and dont forget to ‘like’ the SlowmoTV group in Facebook.

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Made in Kedah

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Here another video of Made In Kedah (M.I.K) version 3 made by our talented videographer, Dr Qidran.

There is also a video of M.I.K 4 teaser

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Proper Education

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I gone trough some videos in youtube today suddenly i found this old video.

Just to share with your guys this nice song and nice video (that have BMX in it) with good

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2010 Portland Dew Tour

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2010 Portland Dew Tour – Park Final Results:

1. Daniel Dhers – 90.50
2. Brett Banasiewicz – 90.38
3. Andrew Buckworth – 89.63
4. Drew Bezanson – 89.63
5. Mark Webb – 88.13
6. Dennis Enarson – 87.88
7. Mike Spinner – 87.38
8. Garrett Reynolds – 87.38
9. Jeremiah Smith – 87.38
10. Dave Mirra – 85.88

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