Bangkok Trip


Last week our crew went to Bangkok, Thailand for a riding + leisure trip. The trip was hella fun! Bangkok is a nice city with good skatepark facilities. We went to 2 skatepark which is Tammasat University Skatepark & Hua Mark Stadium Skatepark.

Both are a good skatepark, highly recommended to everyone.




Thanks to all of our friends in Bangkok who help us while we were there, Somsak, Bose, Rungruang Phamee, uncle Yusuf (the best van driver in Bangkok) and everyone else which we miss to mention your name, you are all the best.

We will come again next time.




Fly High result

It was the best opening event for TIC 2018 ranking points at Art Of Speed 2018 last weekend. The crowd was massive with a good indoor environment – it was a perfect event & place to have a BMX competition.

Big thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen. Thanks to Art Of Speed for the good event and also thanks to all riders who came down to the event.


Best Trick Jump Box Result

1. Syafiq Zazlan – 360 downwhip (perfect)
2. Zafrin Shah – Super Whip (high, over box)
3. Azri Azrae – 540 (half cab)
4. Imran Ibrahim – 360 Toboggan (high, nose dive, full extension, case)
5. Hidayat – Truckdriver (high, case)
6. Saiful Ariff – Tuck No Hander to Turndown (over box but not full extension)
7. Mohd Farhanuddin – Barspin to Toboggan (land on deck)
8. Ammar Shukri – Onehand No Foot (over box but basic trick)
9. Wai Kian – Suicide No Hander (case)
8. Mohammad Noor – Onehand to X-Up (case)

* ‘case’ is where the rider land the trick almost over the jumpbox (normally rear tire last on the deck/top of the jumpbox)


Best Trick Grind Result

1. Mohd Farhanuddin – SW Feeble 180 Cab Crank Flip
2. Saiful Ariff – Feeble to Barspin
3. Rafiq Hashimi – Feeble to Crank Flip
4. Adib – Toothpick Hangover
5. Imran Ibrahim – Ride to 180
6. Azri Azrei – Feeble to SW 180
7. Ammar Shukri – SW Feeble to 190
8. Idham Ahmad – Smith grind
9. Wai Kian – SW toothpick (peg ching)
10. Shaszwan – Icepick

TRM new location

“We are very happy to announce that we have moved to Putrajaya Challenge Skatepark together with Primary Bike. We believe this is the best upgrade for us to add value to our customers and support the cycling scene. TRM BIKE SHOP will continue to provide the best bikes and parts for BMX and BMX racing. Primary Bike will provide the best for MTB and some skateboard stuff. We will continue to have fixed retail opening hours Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm and provide fast delivery within Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. We will be providing BMX skills training classes to ensure our customers gets the best experience from their bikes.  This will be a community bike shop where everyone is encouraged to pick up a tool and work on their bike or just hang out after a ride at the skatepark, Dirt Jumps or MTB trails outback. ”

“Our team riders are Aan on FIEND BMX and Saiful Ariff on VOLUME / DEMOLITION.”

“We wish to thank everyone that has supported our journey as a bike shop and bike distributor since 2010. We look forward to many fun years ahead.”

“Rubber Side Down!”

– Ahmad Soalahuddin Termizi

Fly High

In conjunction with Art Of Speed 2018, with the support of Vans Malaysia we will be organising a ‘Fly High’ BMX competition at MAEPS, Serdang this coming 29th July 2018 (Sunday) from 12pm – 6pm. This will be the first competition for riders to collect TIC points for 2018 season. Let’s go!!!

There will be 2 competition happening that day, Best Trick Jumpbox and Best Trick Grind on Car.

Best Trick Jumpbox Prizes

1st – RM500
2nd – RM400
3rd – RM300
4th – RM200
5th – RM100

Best Trick Grind Prizes

1st – Product
2nd – Product
3rd – Product



12pm – 1pm – Registration & Practise
1pm – 3pm – Best Trick Jumpbox Competition
3pm – 4pm – Best Trick Grind Competition
5pm – Prize giving ceremony


For more information contact – 01160967394 (Shami) or 0126841441 (iwan)

Twenty Inch Cup Grand Final 2017 Season – Video Highlight


It was another great memory & experience at TIC grand final.
We introduce a team battle competition that was fun as hell. Riders was so sporting and hype on that.
Thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen. Without Vans we are not sure if we can create an event like this. Thanks again.
Thanks to everybody that came and participate on the event. You guys rock!
Music credit :

1. Iqbal M – Antara Dua Darjat
2. A.C.A.B – Bangun
3. Toko Kilat – Pemacu Api

KL Night Ride 2018



It was a last minute plan for a ride gathering at KL City Center in the Ramadhan month. We manage to gather quite a lot of riders just to ride around the city and have fun together. Good to see such a good vibes from everybody. Hope to see you again next time.