Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2017 Season results

BMX Park Final Result

  1. Syafiq Zazlan
  2. Ammar Shukri
  3. Saiful Ariff
  4. Mohammad Nor ‘Mack’
  5. Farhanuddin ‘Aan’
  6. Mohd Hafiz ‘Putek’
  7. Raja Shami
  8. Mohammad Noor Md Yusuf ‘Matno Ego Penang’
  9. Idham Ahmad ‘Am JB’
  10. Imran Ibrahim
  11. Sharul Nizam ‘Sunny’
  12. Shaszwan
  13. Sufian ‘Yan Kluang’
  14. John Chan
  15. Adib
  16. Acap
  17. Mahad Asfuna
  18. Eng Wai Kian
  19. Aqram
  20. Muhaimin

BMX Flatland Battle Result

Team Battle

1st Place
Lek Luu..

  • Sharul Nizam ‘Sunny’
  • Shami
  • Eng Wai Kian

2nd Place
Cumi Squad

  • Ammar Shukri
  • Mohammad Nor ‘Mack’
  • Syafiq Zazlan

3rd Place

  • Farhanuddin ‘Aan’
  • Mohd Hafiz ‘Putek’
  • Acap

TIC Team Battle


Its time to gather your clan to compete in the TIC Team Battle at the Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2017 Season at Mont Kiara this coming 21 April 2018 (Saturday)

It will a BMX day!!! See you there!



Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale 2017 Season


TIC Grand Finale 2017 Season

21 April 2018


11am – 11pm

Mont Kiara Skatepark, KL


Activities :

  • BMX Park Competition
  • BMX Flatland Competition
  • BMX Park Team Battle
  • “BONA FIDE” Video Screening
  • Free BBQ
  • TIC Champion Award Giving
  • A Lot Of Exiting Side Events!


Don’t miss the biggest event in our BMX scene. It’s gonna be another epic moment!




BMX Park

  1. RM400
  2. RM300
  3. RM200
  4. RM100
  5. RM50


BMX Flatland

  1. RM400
  2. RM300
  3. RM200
  4. RM100


BMX Park Team Battle

  1. RM600
  2. RM450
  3. RM300


Contact 0126841441 (iwan) to register your team for BMX Park Team Battle. 3 riders per team




Ammar Shukri welcome to The Curb edit


Ammar Shukri is one of the upcoming rising star is now riding for The Curb and he is using Wethepeople Envy 2018 bike.

Beside good in riding, he is also a good videographer and photographer. Keep it up bro!