Twenty Inch Cup – Restart

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Twenty Inch Cup is an award hosted by KAYUHBMX with an objective to recognize Malaysian top riders through points collection system

Our mission is to create a healthy competition among riders and to create a platform for riders to have a solid reason to participate at competitions. It is also meant for the riders to gauge their performance and to improve their skills.


We couldn’t do TIC2020 because of the Mont Kiara skatepark was closed and also because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So we need to restart everything. Back to square one. Accumulated previous TIC point will not be carry forward for this event, we will start again to do the point collection system with this TIC-R will be the second event to collect TIC point after KL Extreme Jam.

REGISTER HERE >>> Twenty Inch Cup 2022 Restart Tickets, Sat, Feb 19, 2022 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

Event Schedule

9 am : BMX 101 – BMX Beginner Class
10 am : Registration & Open for practice
11 pm : BMX Street Prelim Competition
12pm : BMX Flatland Prelim Competition
1pm : BMX Park Prelim Competition
2pm : Side Event
3pm : BMX Street Final
4pm : BMX Flatland Final
5pm : BMX Park Final
6pm : Prize Giving
6.30pm : BBQ & Video screening
8pm : Side Event
8.30pm : BMX Street Best Trick
9pm : BMX Flatland Best Trick
9.30pm : BMX Park Best Trick
10pm : Event Finish

Entrance Fee: RM5 for online registration, or RM10 for walk-in registration

  • Entrance fee will be collected on the event day during registration
  • All the entrance fee collected will be given to the Best Trick Winner for each category (we are not taking the money)
  • All participants need to re-confirm their attendance onsite before 11:00AM
  • Participant are limited to 30 contestant for BMX Park & BMX Flatland and 40 contestant for BMX Street. First come first serve.

REGISTER HERE >>> Twenty Inch Cup 2022 Restart Tickets, Sat, Feb 19, 2022 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite


BMX Street
1st – RM800
2nd – RM600
3rd – RM400
4th – RM200
5th – RM100

BMX Park
1st – RM800
2nd – RM600
3rd – RM400
4th – RM200
5th – RM100

BMX Flatland
1st – RM1000
2nd – RM700
3rd – RM500
4th – RM300
5th – RM100

BMX Street Best Trick
1st – RM500
2nd – RM300
3rd – RM100

BMX Park Best Trick
1st – RM500
2nd – RM300
3rd – RM100

BMX Flatland Best Trick
Product & cash from Carnada Bikes, Nasi Ganja Huzay & Undernorth BMX

REGISTER HERE >>> Twenty Inch Cup 2022 Restart Tickets, Sat, Feb 19, 2022 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

For more info contact 0126841441 (iwan) / 0176420377 (john) / 0126550847 (zulkamal)

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Kejohanan Sukan Lasak 2022

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In conjunction with National Sports Day 2022 which will be held in the month of October every year, Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negara would like to organize a competition in Putrajaya Challenge Park which they name it Kejohanan Sukan Lasak Kebangsaan 2022 (KSLK22).

Register here now >

🗓️ 1 Oktober 2022 (Saturday)
🔴Roller Freestyle/Aggressive (Street)

  • Open
  • Beginner

🗓️ 2 Oktober 2022 (Sunday)
🔵BMX Freestyle (Park)

  • Open
  • Beginner 23 and below

🟠Skateboard (Street)

  • Open
  • Beginner 14 below


🥇1st = RM800
🥈2nd = RM500
🥉3rd= RM300
🏅4th = RM200

Beginner (for BMX Park category is 23 years old and below)
🥇1st = RM400
🥈2nd = RM250
🥉3rd = RM150
🏅4th =RM100

Register here now >

Jadual Kejohanan Sukan Lasak Kebangsaan 2022

800am – Pendaftaran/ Warm up

900am – Skateboard U14 (pusingan kelayakan) *

1000am – BMX Freestyle Park BEGINNER (pusingan kelayakan) *

1100am – Skateboard OPEN / BMX Fun Games (pusingan kelayakan) *

1200pm – BMX Freestyle Park OPEN (pusingan kelayakan) *

1300pm – ZOHOR/ REHAT

1400pm – Skateboard U14 (Pusingan Akhir) / BMX Fun Games

1500pm – BMX Freestyle BEGINNER / Skateboard OPEN (Pusingan Akhir)

1600pm – BMX Freestyle OPEN (Pusingan Akhir)

17:00pm – Penyampaian HADIAH

*Jika peserta kurang dari 10 pada pusingan kelayakan dan juga jika hujan disebelah petang. Keputusan pusingan kelayakan akan diambil kira sebagai keputusan akhir.

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Karnival Sukan Ekstrem Peringkat Zon Tengah Result

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BMX Park Result

1 Muhamad syafiq bin norzazlan

2 Mohamad noor bin md yusuf

3 Zafrin Shah

4 Rafiq hashimi

5 Muhammad nor bin mohd stures

6 Muhammad saiful ariff bin baha’uddin

7 Mohamad farhannudin

8 Muhamad syazani bin zolkefli

9 Muhammad shaszwan bin rashidi

10 Muhammad hafiz bin ahmad sofi

11 Fakhruddin Shah Bin Sabikin
12Mohamad Ariff SOlehin
13 Wan Hariz Hamidi
14 Mumammad Muhaimin Bin Mazlan
15 Muhammad Fairuz Zamir Bin Johar
16 Muhammad Hidayat
17 Muhammad Hariz Zikry Bin Madzlan
18 Hazman Tumiran
19 Nik Mohd Misuarie
20Haziq Adrus
21 Muhammad Nur Rabbani Bin Shariffhuddin
22 Omar Aris

BMX Flatland Result

1 Hafiz bin Abd Wahab

2 Wan mohamad shah bin yahaya

3 Nurhazme bin janis

4  Mohd Hafiz Bin Thahir

5 Mohd aszuriadi bin zulkarnain

6  Normalizi Osman Bin Mat Kamarudin

7 Nur airen sofea binti mohd nor aszeril

8 Zulhatta

9 Zamir

10 Wan Ayden Faiq

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Street Bandit Result & Photos

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BMX Bandit Best Run Result

  1.  Joshua Adam
  2. Rungruang Phamee
  3. Raja Shami
  4. Ahmad Solehin
  5. Syafiq Norzazlan
  6. Saiful Ariff
  7. Syazani Zulkifli
  8. Ishak Hassan
  9. Rafiq Hashimi
  10. Matno Penang
  11. Muhammad Nor Stures
  12. Adib
  13. Fakruddin
  14. Omar BP
  15. Acap Shah Alam
  16. Jia Liang
  17. Hafiz Sofi
  18. Nanod
  19. Imran Ibrahim
  20. Haziq
  21. Hazman Tumiran
  22. Zul JB
  23. Yun Solihin
  24. Ariff solihin
  25. Wan Hariz
  26. Azram Razali
  27. Hidayat
  28. Iman
  29. Danel
  30. Wai Kian
  31. Haziq
  32. Muhaimin
  33. Aan
  34. Joebot
  35. Asyraf Majid
  36. Kanda Arul
  37. Afif
  38. Wan Temp
  39. Sharil
  40. Wan Kebab
  41. Shaszwan
  42. Aniq Solehin
  43. Joko
  44. Amer Judin
  45. Chicken

Bext Trick Result

1 – Joshua Adam – Double Peg to Hard 360 Over
2 – Syafiq Norzazlan – Barspin to Double Peg to Hard 180
3 – Raja Shami – Feeble to Smith Grind to Hard 180

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Karnival Sukan Ekstrem Peringkat Zon Tengah

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“Karnival Sukan Ekstrem Peringkat Zon Tengah 2022”

BMX Park & BMX Flatland Competition

Organised by Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur together with Kayuhbmx and Skateboard Club (SBC) / Kelab Skateboard (KSB)

Saturday, 10th September 2022

9am – 10am : Participant Confirmation Attendance ( NO WALK IN REGISTRATION )
10am – 11.30am : Inline Skate Prelim
11am-12pm : BMX Flatland Prelim
11.30am-1pm : BMX Park Prelim
1pm-2pm : Break
2pm-3pm Inline Skate Final
2pm-3pm : BMX Flatland Final
3pm-4pm : BMX Park Final
4.30pm-5pm : Prize giving ceremony


Register now BEFORE 7th SEPTEMBER using the link below


1st – RM400 + Medal + Cert

2nd – RM300 + Medal + Cert

3rd – RM200 + Medal + Cert

4th – RM100 + Medal + Cert

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Street Bandit, Bukit Bintang Chapter

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Street Bandit, Bukit Bintang Chapter BMX Street Best Line Competition will be happening at Starhill, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur (opposite Pavilion main entrance) presented by Vans Malaysia

There will a line of obstacles (in a V shape) that riders need to do a few best trick in a line. (photo of the obstacles attached below)

Best Line Competition format – Riders will be given 3 chance (3 run) to do their best trick in a line of obstacle. Riders can choose where they prefer to start from either 2 starting point.
Riders will need start and end and the same point. That’s mean riders will do a run that go one way towards one end and come back to where they start. (will be explain more during the event day)

Best Trick Competition format – Riders will be given some time to do their best trick on the obstacles. Which obstacle to be select for the best trick session will be announce on the event day.


12th August
2pm – Practice day open to all BMX riders
8pm – Charity Ride with Hikari Riders. Gather at the event place before 8pm (Starhill, Bukit Bintang, KL)

13th August
1.30pm – Registration
2pm – BMX Street Best Line Competition
8pm – BMX Best Trick Competition by Hikari Riders

14th August
BMX Street Demonstration by Vans riders.

BMX Street Best Line Prizes

1st – RM1500 + Vans product
2nd – RM1000 + Vans product
3rd – RM500 + Vans product
4th – RM300 + Vans product
5th – RM200 + Vans product

BMX Street Best Trick Prizes

1st – RM500 + Vans product + Hikari Product
2nd – RM300 + Vans product + Hikari Product
3rd – RM200 + Vans product + Hikari Product

Course Overview

Photo of the event location

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BMX Day Jam at Sibu Sarawak will be happening this Saturday (23rd July) in conjunction with MYSED event.

More info will be announce during the MYSED event.

There will be some prizes from The Curb and Vans to give away.

See you there.

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The Magician Rider

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Lot 19 is a skate space build by Vans Malaysia for the community to express their creativity trough skating, art installation, music and many more.

However The Magician Rider had sneak in to the Lot 19 Skate Space to ride their BMX bikes at the skate space. It was a great riding session with some bangers tricks they did at the Lot 19.

And from now on, Lot 19 Skate Space is also open to BMX riding every Sunday. (but currently the skate space is closed to public until 30th March 2022)

We would like to give a big thanks to Vans Malaysia for giving us the opportunity to run this project. It was a new and another level experience to the riders specifically and to the community generally.

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Jelajah Gedong

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Syafiq Norzazlan & Matnoor will be in Gedong, Sarawak on the 5th March 2022 for a BMX Demonstration & Clinic organized by Sarawak Extreme Sport Association (SESA).
THey will be coming on the 3rd of March to Kuching, and the event will be on the 5th March at Gedong.

We hope to meet local riders to ride together and share some riding tricks and tips.

See you there.

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Twenty Inch Cup Photos & Result

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Twenty Inch Cup – Restart took place successfully last weekend. It was an amazing day for all riders. After 2 years we never have a big event, this time we are back with TIC-R event that is bigger than before.
We named it TIC-R because after a long rest, we think that we need to restart the program back to square one. So top 10 winner from this event will collect points for another Twenty Inch Cup 2022 Grand Finale most probably by end of this year or early 2023.
TIC is one of kind, we tried to involved as many BMX riders that we can to be part of TIC. We tried to make everybody can ‘feel as a winner’ from many competition categories , best tricks and fun side events. We also got feedback from people that they suggest to make many more categories for beginners, woman/girl and many more. We heard you. We will try to do it next time.

This year also we have a special appearance by Me Sketch (Yon Penang) – a caricature artist that is also a BMX rider that has been active in the caricature and mural art for many years. Thank you Yon for being part of the event.

The event was jam-packed with insane riders, amazing supporters, a very supportive sponsors, and most importantly tons of BMX! This is TWENTY INCH CUP!

Huge thanks to Vans Malaysia for tremendous support toward our BMX community. Without Vans Malaysia TIC event will not be implemented. Also thanks to Kuala Lumpur Cycling Federation (Persatuan Berbasikal Kuala Lumpur – PBKL) for the all help and sponsorhip.
We also would like to thanks to all brands / local business / community that give their support to our event ; Xdizzy, Al-Culture XLupk, Carnadabikes, UndernorthBMX, Flatarts, Out Of Order BMX, Nasi Ganja Huzay, Yard Leather Smith, Basikal Kita, Bangstry, BudakBMX and KKBMX. Without you guys this event wont be a success event.

Video Highlight Coming soon

BMX Street Prelim Result
1 – Ahmad Solehin
2- Muhammad Noor
3- Syafiq Norzazlan
4 – Rafiq Hashimi
5 – Ammar Shukri
6 – Muhammad Nor Stures
7 – Syazani Zulkifli
8 – Muhamad Fahanuddin
9 – Saiful Ariff
10 – Hilmi Asyraf
11 – Idham Ahmad
12 – Ariff Solehin
13 – M. Daniel
14 – Muhaimin Mazlan
15 – Mohd Shaszwan
16 – Amirul Solehin
17 – Hafiz Sofi
18 – Zulkifli Benu Amin
19 – Imran Ibrahim
20 – Muhammad Dzakwan
21 – Ahmad Safuan
22 – Zarul Ilham
23 – Aniq Solehin
24 – Hadi Taisei
25 – Hazman Tumiran
26 – Eng Wai Kian
27 – Muhammad Haziq
28 – Firdaus
29 – Haziq Adrus
30 – Arul Kanda
31 – Nazril Hashim
32 – Bani
33 – Wan Azween
34 – Aiman Jazly
35 – Naqib Ishak
36 – Muhamad Azri
37 – Fakhrul Rozi
38 – Eizzan
39 – Nor Azam Budin
40 -Muhammad Zuhair

BMX Park Prelim Result
1 – Syafiq Norzazlan
2 – Hafiq Sofi
3 – Hafizi Suhaimi
4 – Ameer AL-Hafiz
5 – Muhammad Nor Stures
6 – Rafiq Hashimi
7 – Saiful Ariff
8 – Mohd Hidayat
9 – Muhamad Noor
10 – Ahmad Solehin
11 – Ammar Shukri
12 – Ahmad Safuan
13 – Iskandar
14 – Nor Azam
15 – Syazani Zulkifli
16 – Muhamad Zuhair

BMX Flatland Prelim Result
1 – Afiq Afandi
2 – Hafiz Abd Wahab
3 – Wan Mohamad Shah
4 – Harif Houzay
5 – Edris Salleh
6 – Mohamad Izwan Roslan
7 – Nurhazme Janis
8 – Afrini
9 – Hafaya
10 -Syazwan
11 – Syafiq Wahid
12 – Khairul Azmil Aloy
13 – Hafiz
14 – Abd Jalil
15 – Ajack Zuriadiee
16 – Amy Salleh
17 – Rozan
18 – Nur Qistina
19 – Ruzaini Zulkarnain
20 – Qory

BMX Street Final Result
1 – Muhamad Noor
2 – Ahmad Solehin
3 – Syafiq Norzazlan
4 – Syazani Zulkifli
5 – Rafiq Hashimi
6 – Saiful Ariff
7 – Hilmi Asyraf
8 – Muhamad Farhanuddin
9 – Muhammad Nor Stures
10 – Ammar Shukri

BMX Park Final Result
1- Syafiq Norzazlan
2 – Muhammad Nor Stures
3 – Ameer Al-Hafiz
4 – Saiful Ariff
5 – Hafizi Suhaimi
6 – Ahmad Solehin
7 – Muhamad Noor
8 – Hafiz Sofi
9 – Hidayat
10 – Rafiq Hashimi

BMX Flatland Final Result
1 – Afiq Afandi
2 – Hafiz Abd Wahab
3 – Mohamad Izwan Roslan
4 – Wan Mohamad Shah
5 – Harif Houzey
6 – Edris Salleh
7 – Nurhazme Janis
8 – Hafaya
9 – Afrini
10 – Syazwan

BMX Street Best Trick
1 – Muhamad Noor – Switch double peg to duble peg grind (predator grind) to bar spin
2 – Rafiq Hashimi – Double peg grind all the way to bar spin
3 -Muhamad Farhanuddin – Double peg grind to crank arm grind

BMX Park Best Trick
1 – Ammar Shukri – 180 bar spin fakie over the spine
2 – Syafiq Norzazlan – Backflip Tailwhip
3 – Hidayat – Backflip

BMX Flatland Best Trick
1 -Hafiz Abd Wahab – Upside down bike flip
2 – Mohamad Izwan Roslan – Double peg decade out
3 – Amy Salleh – Style link back to front link
4 -Afrini – Stem boomerang

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