Malaysia BMX Freestyle National Championship 2024

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BMX Freestyle Malaysia National Championship 2024

29-30 June 2024

Saturday & Sunday

Mont Kiara Skatepark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8am – 6pm

More info you can get in the Technical Guide here >









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BMX Street Park Format

1 minute run. 2 run each rider. Best run count.

No prelim & final. Just 2 run and its final.

Ride the whole park. The judge will judge the whole skatepark including park section & street section.

Open Category : Open to any age. for example if you are 15 years old but you think you can compete in the Open Category, you are welcome to join.

Novice Category : For rider age 29 and below only (born in the year of 1996 and above). Also if you are 12 years old but you think you can compete in the Novice Category, you are welcome to join.

Junior Category : For those who is 18 years old and below only ( born in 2007 and above ) . This category is made specifically for development of our sport. We would like to see more young rider to be competitive in this sport.


JUDGING CRITERIA :  Overal Impression based on >

  • Difficulty of tricks 
  • Progression
  • Amplitude
  • Use of course / Flow
  • Risk factor
  • Variety of tricks 
  • Style
  • Execution
  • Originality
  • Landings 


Decision made by panel of judges is final. No amendment will be made upon argument about the result.






BMX Flatland Format

JUNIOR Boy & JUNIOR Girl category only.

Age 18 years old and under ( born in 2007 and above )

1 minute 30 second run. 2 run each rider. Best run count.

No prelim & final. Just 2 run and its final.








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Keramatbmx Jam Report

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Keramat, Kuala Lumpur is a place that has some history in BMX community. Way back in the early 2000’s there is a lot o street riders that came from Keramat such an Skin, Apai, Eppy, Eminem and many more.

Now after 20 years, the BMX scene has grown up, more new generation at Keramat ride BMX now. We are lucky to have a Keramatbmx Crew to have a big dedication to bring up the BMX scene there.

Recently they (together with the skateboard community) got a budget to upgrade the AU5 skatepark that create more concrete ramp and obstacle according to the riders and skaters needs. Its a very good workmanship from the skatepark builder team lead by Hasni. Good quarterpipe transition, nice jumpbox, pleasant A-frame and many more. Riders approved! We can say that this skatepark has one of the best handiwork from a correct expertise.

Last weekend we plan for a BMX jam to celebrate the new park that they got. So we did a Keramatbmx Jam. Its actually just a simple jam to gather riders to ride together, chill with new and old friends , free BBQ for everybody and the main agenda is just to have fun.

We was amazed with the huge turn out from riders that came to support the jam. More than 50 riders came from all over KL & Selangor and we have Jajan that came all the way from Johor to support this event.

We did a Best Trick A-Frame competition that won by Rafiq , Best Motowhip on the jumpbox won by Saiful Ariff, Best Trick Wall Ride that has won by Fawzal , Best Trick Quarterpipe won by Syafiq Nozazlan and Highest Bunnyhop won by Jajan with 40 inch high.

It was an amazing day. We wish this event can be a yearly event and we look forward for Keramat BMX scene can grow bigger and better.

Thanks to all the sponsors that give us some products for the prizes to the winners such as Vans Malaysia, Race Industries, Raccoon Ville, Keramatbmx, KPLTK, Xocks, The Curb, Fixiology and Out Of Order.
we also feel grateful for the help from all of our friends such as Omar for preparing the BBQ, Wan Kebab, Shahril and all Keramatbmx Crew that put all their effort to make this event success, to our beloved emcee Kecik Ipoh and Waktong that give their best to hype the event and also to Boy Sarawak and Saiful Ariff that help with the judging.

Thank you guys. See you again next time!

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Keramatbmx Jam

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Skatepark AU5 @ Keramat had just done some upgrades to their skatepark. So we plan to have a BMX Jam at the park on the 19th November 2023, 2pm.

It will be just fun and easy event. Ride and chill. Gather with friends, build a stronger connection between riders and the most important thing is to have fun.

We have a few plan on the day, but bear in mind, the plan might change due to any circumstances.
The plan currently is to have a best trick on the new A-frame obstacle, best moto whip on the jump box (this will be the first time we do this) , best wall ride combo, best trick on the pyramid hip (there will be a rail there), best trick on the quarter pipe and a highest bunnyhop competition. There will also be doing a free BBQ party for all attendees.

And for beginners and to anybody that want to try to ride BMX, we will also having a Free BMX Lesson by Raccoon Ville.

See you there!

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BMX Flow 08000

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BMX Street and BMX Flatland competition will be held at VIllage Mall, Sungai Petani, Kedah this coming 11 and 12 November 2023.

BMX Flatland will be commence on the Saturday, 11 November and BMX Street will be on Sunday, 12 November.

Prizes for BMX Street

1st – RM500
2nd – RM350
3rd – RM250
4th – RM150
5th – RM100
6th – RM50
7th – RM50
8th – RM50

Obstacles will be stup by Padin. We havent got the info on how the ramp will be.

More info coming soon

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Karnival Sukan Extreme result & photos

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Karnival Sukan Extreme in conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara 2023 was a blast! It was a fun event with many riders turn out to support the event and gather with the BMX family.

So many riders battle out to perform theirs tricks, we can see that many improvement in our BMX street riding skills. And we also honor to have Chiao Hung from Taiwan to join the competition.

Thanks to Skatepark Creation for the amazing event and thanks to all riders that came over to join and support the event.


BMX Street Open

1 – Chiao Hung
2 – Shami
3 – Farhanuddin
4 – Asyraf Acap
5 – Shaszwan
6 – Rafiq Hashimi
7 – Ammar SHukri
8 – Matno KL
9 – Aqram Razali
10 – Muhaimin Mazlan
11 – Kanda Arul
12 – Omar Aris

BMX Street Amateur

1 – Ishak Hassan
2 – Omar
3 – Daniel
4 – Fakhruddin
5 – Iman
6 – Zidane

BMX Flatland Open

1 – Zharif
2 – Ajak
3 -Rozan

BMX Flatland Junior

1 -Noah Khairy
2 – Ayden Bambam
3 – Sofea

All photos by Ammar Shukri

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Karnival Sukan Extreme KBS Putrajaya

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Register the online here

There will be BMX Street and Flatland competition happening this Saturday at Menara Kementeria Belia Dan Sukan, Putrajaya.

There will also be an Open and Junior / Amateur category for both discipline.

Register now!

And one important reminder, we heard that there will a a lot of events in that area, so for car parking will be a problem. So please come early to avoid stuck in the traffic.

Event Location

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Cenderawasih : Anto Leysa video part

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Cendrawasih | Anto Leysa 2023

The journey of Anto leysa in battling the street spot across Malaysia.

The journey of Anto Leysa and his challenges in the making of Cenderawasih video part. To fulfill his dreams, Anto Leysa has committed himself against any risks and he is not turning back. Stepping out of his comfort zones, his physical and mental strength were tested throughout Malaysian street spots. “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving” Albert Einstein This video is dedicated to Anto’s family, friends and all BMX riders.

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Art Of Speed BMX Street Competition Photos

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The Art of Speed Malaysia is an annual custom automotive lifestyle event held in Malaysia. It typically showcases various custom-built cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, as well as art, music, and other lifestyle elements related to automotive culture.
And this year they plan to bring back BMX to be part of their sub-event. Big thanks to Vans Malaysia for organizing this competition. We really appreciate it.

The Art Of Speed 2023 BMX Street Best Line Competition was a remarkable event with level of street riders was so high on that day. We got amazing riders from all over asia to compete in this event like Rungruang Phamee from Thailand, Guettler Mariano from Philippine, Chiao from Taiwan and Anto Leysa from Indonesia. and also not to forget our local heroes Syafiq Norzazlan that also give a good fight to these top guns.
Other than that, the highlight was also on the only girl rider that join the competition, Asian Mariano that came all over from Philippine just to participate in this event. Moreover we also have Kidir (knowd as Kid ) as a junior rider that ride mostly on park only to join this street competition. Kudos to your courageousness to be part of the competitior.

Amazing events like this leave a lasting impression and create beautiful memories for all those who participated. Whether it was the thrilling rides, the friendly atmosphere, or the diverse cultural experiences, it’s clear that the event made a positive impact on everyone involved. Events like this not only bring people together but also create a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and camaraderie among participants from all around the world.

Thanks to everybody that came over to participate and to spectate that amazing event. We hope that Art Of Speed will continue to support BMX to be part of their event. Thank you very much.



BMX Street Best Line

1st – Rungruang Phamee Tam (Thailand)
2nd – Guettler Mariano (Philippine)
3rd – Anto Leysa (Indonesia)
4th – Syafiq Norzazlan (Malaysia)
5th – Raja Shami (Malaysia)

BMX Street Best Trick
– Anto Leysa – Rail Ride up to 180 Barspin.

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