Vans The Circle -The Curb

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For the first time, Malaysia has a representative to be part of The Circle video competition. The competition is initiated by Dig BMX and Vans Europe to support local BMX shop all around the world.
For this year 2022, 18 shops competing from around the globe by creating videos of their local scenes. It’s very exiting to see all those amazing and creative videos competing positively against each other.

we would like to thanks to Vans and DigBMX for this opportunity.


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Street Bandit Result & Photos

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BMX Bandit Best Run Result

  1.  Joshua Adam
  2. Rungruang Phamee
  3. Raja Shami
  4. Ahmad Solehin
  5. Syafiq Norzazlan
  6. Saiful Ariff
  7. Syazani Zulkifli
  8. Ishak Hassan
  9. Rafiq Hashimi
  10. Matno Penang
  11. Muhammad Nor Stures
  12. Adib
  13. Fakruddin
  14. Omar BP
  15. Acap Shah Alam
  16. Jia Liang
  17. Hafiz Sofi
  18. Nanod
  19. Imran Ibrahim
  20. Haziq
  21. Hazman Tumiran
  22. Zul JB
  23. Yun Solihin
  24. Ariff solihin
  25. Wan Hariz
  26. Azram Razali
  27. Hidayat
  28. Iman
  29. Danel
  30. Wai Kian
  31. Haziq
  32. Muhaimin
  33. Aan
  34. Joebot
  35. Asyraf Majid
  36. Kanda Arul
  37. Afif
  38. Wan Temp
  39. Sharil
  40. Wan Kebab
  41. Shaszwan
  42. Aniq Solehin
  43. Joko
  44. Amer Judin
  45. Chicken

Bext Trick Result

1 – Joshua Adam – Double Peg to Hard 360 Over
2 – Syafiq Norzazlan – Barspin to Double Peg to Hard 180
3 – Raja Shami – Feeble to Smith Grind to Hard 180

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The Magician Rider

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Lot 19 is a skate space build by Vans Malaysia for the community to express their creativity trough skating, art installation, music and many more.

However The Magician Rider had sneak in to the Lot 19 Skate Space to ride their BMX bikes at the skate space. It was a great riding session with some bangers tricks they did at the Lot 19.

And from now on, Lot 19 Skate Space is also open to BMX riding every Sunday. (but currently the skate space is closed to public until 30th March 2022)

We would like to give a big thanks to Vans Malaysia for giving us the opportunity to run this project. It was a new and another level experience to the riders specifically and to the community generally.

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PCP Extreme Challenge

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Putrajaya Challenge Park once again will be hosting a Extreme Sports event after 2 years of not having any event there since the start of Covid-19 pandemic.
We will be part of the event by having a BMX Park competition & BMX Flatland competition.

Prizes :
1st place – RM400
2nd place – RM300
3rd place – RM200
4th place – RM100

Registration is on Saturday 8am as what the organizer already stated in the schedule below.

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Rebirth of Kiara Skatepark Best Trick (Skateboard & BMX)

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Click the link above to register

What better way to celebrate the re-opening of Kiara Skatepark with a best trick contest at the new skatepark?

About this event

Contest Format: Best Trick + Cash For Tricks

Date & Time: 13th November 2021

Skateboard: 3PM – 5PM (Limited to 30 pax) / BMX: 5PM – 7PM (Limited to 20 pax)


1st Place: RM500 + Vans Goodies

2nd Place: RM300 + Vans Goodies

3rd Place: RM200 + Vans Goodies

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For BMX101 Participant

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Congratulation for those who manage to register for BMX101 : A BMX Beginner Class.
For those who didn’t manage to register, don’t worry, we will do another class next time.

For those who already register, please come early at 1pm because the class will start at 2pm. There will be some registration process before that will take some time.

Please be inform that space of the building is not so big. So for current SOP made by the government, we need to limit people entering the building.
Please wear mask.

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Todak BMX & Skateboard competition

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It’s a very last minute event, Todak are organizing a B-Boy Battle event at Kotak Hitam this Saturday (15 August). So they want us to be part of the event by having a BMX & Skateboard competition.
So we hope that everybody can make it to the event since it’s a very last minute notice.
See you there.

Competition start at 2pm. BMX Street best trick format.

Location : Kotak Hitam, Setia Alam, Selangor

1st place – RM500 cash + Product
2nd place – RM300 cash + Product
3rd place – RM100 cash + Product
4th place – Product
5th place – Product

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