Ramadhan Jam

It was fun last night, we gather numbers of BMX riders to ride together in the KL city center.

Lets make this event as a yearly event.


TIC Final Ranking

Here is the final ranking after the BMX Street / Park section A and B , and also for BMX Flatland competition at Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale last weekend at Mont Kiara Skatepark.


Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale for 2016 Season


Everybody should be headed to Mont Kiara Skatepark this 15th April 2017 (Saturday) for the Twenty Inch Cup Grand Finale for 2016 Season.
The BMX Street / Park competition will be divided into 3 section, which every section will have 1st – 3rd winners (its like BMX Street / Park will be having 3 competition on that day) and one category for BMX Flatland (winner will be award from 1st – 4th place).

Beside the main competition, there will also be a lot of mini side event from all the sponsors, such as bunnyhop contest, peg wheelie contest, best trick contest, funky chicken contest and many more.

We also gonna have a BBQ session at night.

No registration needed, no need to pay anything, just come and enjoy the event. Its a DIY event by riders for riders.


BMX Street / Park

section 1
1st – RM300
2nd – RM200
3rd – RM100

section 2
1st – RM300
2nd – RM200
3rd – RM100

section 3
1st – RM300
2nd – RM200
3rd – RM100


BMX Flatland

1st – RM400
2nd – RM300
3rd – RM200
4th – RM100


The Side Event


There will be a surprise new rail at the Mont Kiara Skatepark


We gonna have a BBQ session at night



Justice for bicycle rider



Last week, a significant number of bicycles were impounded by the DBKL. An article published in the News Straits Times online on 16 February 2017, entitled “Bicycle messenger claims DBKL damaged his RM3,000 ride” reported a story of a bicycle that was impounded by the DBKL. This is only one of the many bicycles that have been impounded by the DBKL in the recent week, which belong to working class people and migrant workers to who use their bicycle daily as their main mode of transportation.


In response to the recent events, a group of about 40 cyclists organized an action on 19 February 2017 to show collective dissent towards the actions of DBKL at the fortnightly car free morning event organized by DBKL. The actions by DBKL impounding bicycles effectively create barriers for people to reduce traffic and minimize their carbon footprint, and this creates a contrast between the green policy of DBKL and their actions. The cyclists chose to hold the action in conjunction with the car free event to exactly point out this hypocrisy, contrast, and problem.
The action began smoothly with no disturbance. The cyclists moved from Dataran Merdeka to Jalan Raja Laut, where two banners was hung by some of the cyclists. A group of plain clothed officers approached the group, and asked the group to remove the banner. This quickly escalated into a scuffle, and one of the person who was holding the banner, Bani was detained in the process by at least four plain clothed officers. He was handcuffed, and the handcuff was so tight that his wrists were bleeding. He was also slapped by an officer in the DBKL van on the way to the police station.
In the midst of the scuffle, at least five sustained light bruises, and some were deeply traumatized by the violence of DBKL officers in the scuffle. Almost all who asked for the ID and name, of officers were ignored. When asked by the other cyclists for the reason of his arrest, they were told that Bani was detained for disrupting public officers from performing their duty. The other cyclists were also intimidated, heckled, and booed by over 30 DBKL officers who stood in three rows next to the DBKL van.

Bani was released the next day with RM1500 bail.

We just want justice for our cyclist friends.


other article regarding this matter



the rude DBKL worker

BMX Story in Utusan Today!

utusan cover comY 6 ogos

utusan story cover 6 ogos-1 utusan story cover 6 ogos-2


Get your Utusan newspaper today (6 August 2016) to see a cover story about BMX Flatland in Malaysia.

Thanks to Wawa for making this happen