Mont Kiara Skatepark Rebuild By Ramp Master

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Kayuhbmx in association with Ramp Master has been appointed by Vans Malaysia to re-build the ‘Big Ramp Section’ at Mont Kiara Skatepark. We build a new roll in for the jump box flow, create a wider quarter pipe and did some refurbish to those ramp to make it look nice and proper.

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Trip to Ragas Extreme Centre

Last month we went to Ragas Extreme Centre to check it our the new extreme sports facilities owned by Mr Tamizi from Crossmove company.
It situated in Jerlun, Kedah, the Northern part of Malaysia. Approx 5 hours from KL city center.
They have the only one in Malaysia indoor foam pit for riders to train air tricks. Good training facilities for riders who want to go further in BMX riding.
They have a charge of RM10 for one whole day entry. Which is very affordable and worth it.

The Address

Waze / Google Map : Ragas Extreme Centre

TIME : 4pm – 11.30pm

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One Day Before CMCO

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Malaysia had is 3rd wave of Covid-19 virus spread on October 2020. So some place that had been seriously effected gets another ‘soft lockdown’. We in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Putrajaya need to stay in our own district only, we cant go to other district. Many places closed. Restaurant can only be open until 10pm. and many more. So one day before the CMCO, all the riders went out to do some activities and before they cant to that for a certain period of time.

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Syafiq got a new Subrosa Flight frame from The Curb!!!

Syafiq Norzazlan are now using the latest Subrosa Flight – Rim Nakamura Signature that he got from The Curb BMX Shop.
First try flair straight out of the box!
Come over to The Curb BMX Shop at Mont Kiara Skatepark to get your latest and most affordable BMX parts.

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