Keramatbmx Jam Report

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Keramat, Kuala Lumpur is a place that has some history in BMX community. Way back in the early 2000’s there is a lot o street riders that came from Keramat such an Skin, Apai, Eppy, Eminem and many more.

Now after 20 years, the BMX scene has grown up, more new generation at Keramat ride BMX now. We are lucky to have a Keramatbmx Crew to have a big dedication to bring up the BMX scene there.

Recently they (together with the skateboard community) got a budget to upgrade the AU5 skatepark that create more concrete ramp and obstacle according to the riders and skaters needs. Its a very good workmanship from the skatepark builder team lead by Hasni. Good quarterpipe transition, nice jumpbox, pleasant A-frame and many more. Riders approved! We can say that this skatepark has one of the best handiwork from a correct expertise.

Last weekend we plan for a BMX jam to celebrate the new park that they got. So we did a Keramatbmx Jam. Its actually just a simple jam to gather riders to ride together, chill with new and old friends , free BBQ for everybody and the main agenda is just to have fun.

We was amazed with the huge turn out from riders that came to support the jam. More than 50 riders came from all over KL & Selangor and we have Jajan that came all the way from Johor to support this event.

We did a Best Trick A-Frame competition that won by Rafiq , Best Motowhip on the jumpbox won by Saiful Ariff, Best Trick Wall Ride that has won by Fawzal , Best Trick Quarterpipe won by Syafiq Nozazlan and Highest Bunnyhop won by Jajan with 40 inch high.

It was an amazing day. We wish this event can be a yearly event and we look forward for Keramat BMX scene can grow bigger and better.

Thanks to all the sponsors that give us some products for the prizes to the winners such as Vans Malaysia, Race Industries, Raccoon Ville, Keramatbmx, KPLTK, Xocks, The Curb, Fixiology and Out Of Order.
we also feel grateful for the help from all of our friends such as Omar for preparing the BBQ, Wan Kebab, Shahril and all Keramatbmx Crew that put all their effort to make this event success, to our beloved emcee Kecik Ipoh and Waktong that give their best to hype the event and also to Boy Sarawak and Saiful Ariff that help with the judging.

Thank you guys. See you again next time!