Twenty Inch Cup Grand Final 2017 Season – Video Highlight


It was another great memory & experience at TIC grand final.
We introduce a team battle competition that was fun as hell. Riders was so sporting and hype on that.
Thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen. Without Vans we are not sure if we can create an event like this. Thanks again.
Thanks to everybody that came and participate on the event. You guys rock!
Music credit :

1. Iqbal M – Antara Dua Darjat
2. A.C.A.B – Bangun
3. Toko Kilat – Pemacu Api

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BONA FIDE means Genuine or Real.
This is how we show our real and genuine love to our BMX scene.

Kayuhbmx full part video supported by Vans Malaysia.

Featuring Saiful Ariff, Amar Shukri, Mat Dagu, Farhanuddin ‘Aan’ & Syafiq Zazlan.

We would like to thanks everybody who involve directly or indirectly in the process of making this video.


Music Credit
Saiful Ariff part : Blood Ceremony – Half Moon Street
Ammar Shukri part : Psychemagik – Hot Body
Mat Dagu part : Orkes A Hizadin – Merajuk
Friends & Family part : The Bat Caves feat Waris – Bukan Tunjuk Bagus
Aan part : Kmy Kmo feat Luca Sickta – Gong Nekara
Syafiq Zazlan part : Too Phat – B.O.M.O.H
Intro & Outro : Ulek Mayang remix
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