Keramatbmx Jam

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Skatepark AU5 @ Keramat had just done some upgrades to their skatepark. So we plan to have a BMX Jam at the park on the 19th November 2023, 2pm.

It will be just fun and easy event. Ride and chill. Gather with friends, build a stronger connection between riders and the most important thing is to have fun.

We have a few plan on the day, but bear in mind, the plan might change due to any circumstances.
The plan currently is to have a best trick on the new A-frame obstacle, best moto whip on the jump box (this will be the first time we do this) , best wall ride combo, best trick on the pyramid hip (there will be a rail there), best trick on the quarter pipe and a highest bunnyhop competition. There will also be doing a free BBQ party for all attendees.

And for beginners and to anybody that want to try to ride BMX, we will also having a Free BMX Lesson by Raccoon Ville.

See you there!