Revolution magazine now will featured BMX

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Revolution has come up to their 100th issue next month.
(it has 2 cover. Skate on the front cover, and BMX on the back cover)

After 10years in the industry, now they will featured BMX in their magazine (again)
For the this issue, it will featured Boy Sarawak and Zulkamal in the interview section and Qaiczer for the ‘Bike Check’ section.
Get it at your nearest bookstore while stock last.

*the tittle will still be ‘The Skateboarding REVOLUTION’ because of some registration rules and guidelines that need to fulfilled. Whatever it is, I will still fight for it. Hope they can change the name soon.

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PakTam lost his bike!!!

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4 days before raya, PakTam’s bike got stolen at his house. Damn!!
Pity PakTam… he just got his new frame, Quamen Cypher and now he lost it. Feel sorry for u man.
Anybody who found his bike, please return it to him. We believe that the bike is still in Sungai Petani.
He using Quamen Cypher frame (supposed to be orange in color) , 2 peice bar and tanaka fork.

Because of this incident, we would like to create foundation for PakTam.
We would like to welcome anybody who have extra BMX parts, maybe u can donate it to PakTam.
You can do it by direct contact him at +6 0132006109 or if u at KL, tu can pass it to me or Sunny. Contact me (Iwan) at +6 0126841441 or Sunny +6 0126830842.

Your help would be great full.

talk about it here

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1 Malaysia

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This is our 52nd anniversary.

Kayuhbmx wish that our beloved BMX scene can grow bigger and better in the future.

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