SeeK Sticker

Need some nice sticker to put at your bike?

come and get your limited edition SeeK sticker with any purchase of SeeK t-shirt.
you can easily get it at District Shop or simply contact me at 0126841441. Only RM35!!
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Botaxxx moved to Gold Coast, Australia!!

Zafrin Shah a.k.a Botaxxx currently has moved to Gold Coast, Australia for 3 months to learn more and improved his skills in bmx riding. 

Goodluck Botaxx! Come back and make us proud!!

(Shami is also went together with Botaxxx, but he will come back a bit early which is on February 2011)
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KulSign result n photos

Here the result

BMX Best Trick Jump Box
1st – Kecik Ipoh – Canonball
2nd – Ariff Klang – Tuck No-Hander to X-Up
3rd – Shami – Backflip
BMX Flatland
1st – Mat Dagu
2nd – Rayyan Ibrahim / Shintaro Misawa
3rd – Lan Ipoh
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Made in Kedah

Here another video of Made In Kedah (M.I.K) version 3 made by our talented videographer, Dr Qidran.

There is also a video of M.I.K 4 teaser

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Sunny on Blackeye

Sunny is now officially a flow rider of, riding Blackeye Killorado 2011 frame, congrats sunny.

Blackeye is also available at District Shop Gallery

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