BMX Rampage at Maju Junction Mall review

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Last weekend was a great weekend because we got a BMX competition happening at Maju Junction Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Everybody was having fun with the street course that we prepared.
We were afraid of rain will fall down on the event day since it was raining every each day since couple of weeks ago. However it was a great sunny day.
The event went well and we manage to gather a lot of riders and crowd in the mall to take part and witness themselves the action and craziness of our BMX riders.
Thanks to Maju Junction Mall for making this happen. Thanks to DC Shoes and Tiong Hin for their sponsored product. Thanks to Halconbmx and Sixth Empire for the support and sponsoring some Quintin caps for the Junior Category and for Best Trick Contest.

This is the result of the winners from the BMX Rampage competition at Maju Junction Mall last Saturday. The judging was based on their ‘best line’

Junior Category
1st – Fairus Amri (Apai JB)
2nd – Muhammad Shaszwan Rashidi (Wan Skavanger)
3rd – Muhammad Azizol (Ijoi)

Open Category
1st – Ahmad Sholehen (Afro Melaka/Negro Melaka/Ein-Ein)
2nd – Raja Ahmad Shami (RiderKecilBerbakatBesar)
3rd – Saiful Ariff (Abang Alwaysbmx)

Best Trick Competition – On The Blue Ledge (3 Winners)
– Mohd Shahrulnizam (Sunny TopapLimaRinggit) – Feeble Grind to Fakie to FullCab
– Fairus Amri (Apai JB) – Feeble Grind Barspin out
– Mohd Hafiz (Putet JB) – Feeble Grind 180 out to Fakie Bunnyhop Whip

Congratulation to all winners!!

Photos by Amir Adam

Video by Mr Josh

(More photos and videos coming soon)

p/s: Adik beradik menang dua-dua kategori. hahaha….

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Beat My Trick review

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Beat My Trick was fun like last year. But this year Kayuhbmx is part of the event.
What can you expect from a competition that is happening on the beach? A plenty of crowd, nice chicks, good foods and a lot of BMX riders came to this event.

BMX Best Trick Competition
1st – Afro Melaka
2nd – Saiful Ariff
3rd – Putet JB

BMX Flatland Competition
1st – John JB
2nd – PakTam
3rd – Pak Koq

Photo by Amir Adam & Iwan

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Our BMX rider from Kampung Batu Skatepark local had been hospitalized in HKL last 3 days because of leptospirosis infection. We hope that he will recover as soon as possible. We all love you Ahmad Adib. STAY STRONG!!


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