Google Map : The Curb

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the curb google map

The Curb now are listed in google map so its easier for the customer to locate our shop.,101.622089&cid=16468707603451919742&panoid=gxxKQ-b3BpIAAAAGOuHkqQ&cbp=13,34.821033809125723,,0,0&ved=0CA8Q2wU&sa=X&ei=reDTUpKFDbK1iALMtICoCA&gl=US&hl=en

in case you are interested to do it, can contact Shafeeq at +6 0129170864. or visit his blog at


The Curb now has a lot of new stuff just came in. Come over to the shop to watch yourself and get it while stock last.

Like the curb facebook page at




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