#xgamesindonesiavideocompetition Ride And Rise – Heru Anwari

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Heru Anwari is a talented Indonesia BMX Flatland rider, but he not only can ride flatland, he also good in street/park. BMX FlatStreet
This video for #xgamesindonesiavideocompetition
Heru  hope this video can be useful for all xtreme sports lovers, to motivate the spirit of achievement and make his dream come true.

Rider : Heru Anwari
Spot : Malaysia – YSB Skatepark – Putra Jaya Skatepark – RTC Xtreme Park – Buqit Skatepark – Flatdev 2013
Suported By : Wim Cycle – Mugabe – PIERO – ZTFFbmx – Twin – MGB Streetshop
Song : Dubstep Remix Music
Filmed : Febryansah – Deyno – Shahrul Reezwan
Editor : Ade Brother

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Kecik Ipoh

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Kecik Ipoh a.k.a Fizzy Suhaimi web edit for The MESTIC Company, a BMX company from Singapore. He is currently being sponsored by Mestic together with Matno. Watch this video to how this young gun ripping at Shah Alam skatepark.

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#kayuhbmxfamily video is on masses.com.my !

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Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.56.42 PM


our #kayuhbmxfamily video is on masses.com.my website! Thanks Bryan for sharing it, we really appreciate that.

GUys, head up to masses.com.my for more news and info about your homegrown needs, be it Streetwear, Sneakers, lifestyle, Arts, Music or an occasional drop of gossip if need be.

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Google Map : The Curb

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the curb google map



The Curb now are listed in google map so its easier for the customer to locate our shop.



in case you are interested to do it, can contact Shafeeq at +6 0129170864. or visit his blog at http://shafeex.com/blog/


The Curb now has a lot of new stuff just came in. Come over to the shop to watch yourself and get it while stock last.

Like the curb facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thecurbkl


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Last month, Ramp Master and our team has been working together with Wheel Love to build up a skatepark in Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya under a program by Redbull International Malaysia called Redbull DIY.

The Red Bull DIY project aims to arm skateboarders across Malaysia with the know-how and skills to get the job done right conducted by the Ramp Master team.

They came, they learned, they built and they skated. This is how you make something out of nothing.
What happens when skaters take things into their own hands? You get a new self-made skate spot that’s open to all. Malaysia’s first ever Red Bull DIY took place in PJ; fuelled by passion and led by local skate enthusiasts, the project took off and wrapped within 3 days.

The result; centralized permanent skate fixtures that let skaters do their thing undisturbed –right here in Taman Tasik Jaya.

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Its kinda rare to have a BMX race competition in Malaysia. So why not we give it a try?

2nd February 2014


Selayang Permai Extreme Park


Register at 8.30am, Start at 9am


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