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Last month, Ramp Master and our team has been working together with Wheel Love to build up a skatepark in Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya under a program by Redbull International Malaysia called Redbull DIY.

The Red Bull DIY project aims to arm skateboarders across Malaysia with the know-how and skills to get the job done right conducted by the Ramp Master team.

They came, they learned, they built and they skated. This is how you make something out of nothing.
What happens when skaters take things into their own hands? You get a new self-made skate spot that’s open to all. Malaysia’s first ever Red Bull DIY took place in PJ; fuelled by passion and led by local skate enthusiasts, the project took off and wrapped within 3 days.

The result; centralized permanent skate fixtures that let skaters do their thing undisturbed –right here in Taman Tasik Jaya.



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