Art Of Speed BMX Street Competition Photos

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The Art of Speed Malaysia is an annual custom automotive lifestyle event held in Malaysia. It typically showcases various custom-built cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, as well as art, music, and other lifestyle elements related to automotive culture.
And this year they plan to bring back BMX to be part of their sub-event. Big thanks to Vans Malaysia for organizing this competition. We really appreciate it.

The Art Of Speed 2023 BMX Street Best Line Competition was a remarkable event with level of street riders was so high on that day. We got amazing riders from all over asia to compete in this event like Rungruang Phamee from Thailand, Guettler Mariano from Philippine, Chiao from Taiwan and Anto Leysa from Indonesia. and also not to forget our local heroes Syafiq Norzazlan that also give a good fight to these top guns.
Other than that, the highlight was also on the only girl rider that join the competition, Asian Mariano that came all over from Philippine just to participate in this event. Moreover we also have Kidir (knowd as Kid ) as a junior rider that ride mostly on park only to join this street competition. Kudos to your courageousness to be part of the competitior.

Amazing events like this leave a lasting impression and create beautiful memories for all those who participated. Whether it was the thrilling rides, the friendly atmosphere, or the diverse cultural experiences, it’s clear that the event made a positive impact on everyone involved. Events like this not only bring people together but also create a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and camaraderie among participants from all around the world.

Thanks to everybody that came over to participate and to spectate that amazing event. We hope that Art Of Speed will continue to support BMX to be part of their event. Thank you very much.



BMX Street Best Line

1st – Rungruang Phamee Tam (Thailand)
2nd – Guettler Mariano (Philippine)
3rd – Anto Leysa (Indonesia)
4th – Syafiq Norzazlan (Malaysia)
5th – Raja Shami (Malaysia)

BMX Street Best Trick
– Anto Leysa – Rail Ride up to 180 Barspin.