Karnival Orang Muda YSB 2014 result

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It was a very high adrenalin competition at Karnival Orang Muda YSB 2014. Great riders from Thailand, Indonesia, Philiphine and all over Malaysia came to compete in the competition.

Congratulation to Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah for organizing this great event every year. Everybody cant wait to go for next year.



BMX Park result

1. Saithan Phetnum (Thailand)

2. Kiattichai Wanitsakul (Thailand)

3. Rungrueang Phamee (Thailand)

4. Ardika Winata (Indonesia)

5. Chokchai Wanitsakul (Thailand)

6. Nentakorn Inkhaksoong (Thailand)

7. Moonthink Bilga (Indonesia)

8. Raja Ahmad Ashami (Malaysia)

9. Zafrin Shah (Malaysia)

10. Hafizi Suhaimi (Malaysia)


BMX Flatland result

1. Shintaro Misawa (Malaysia)

2. Pakphum Poosa-Art (Thailand)

3. Taslem Raziff (Malaysia)

4. Renz Viaje (Philipine)

5. Wasan Suesat (Thailand)

6. Worawee Srivichai (Thailand)

7.  Hafiz (Malaysia)

8. Heru Anwari (Indonesia)

9. Mohammad Izwan Roslan (Malaysia)

10. Nurhazme b Janis (Malaysia)


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