Beat My Trick Result

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Best My Trick competition in Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan was so fun!
Cool place, nice environment, many riders and good competition.

So here’s the result.

BMX Street
1st – Saiful Ariff (Up Ledge 180 Tailwhip Fakie)
2nd – Sunny Bmx (Feeble Grind Up Tailwhip Out)
3rd – Ahmad Sholehen (Barspin to Feeble Grind)
4th – Hadric Tadaski (Up Ledge 180 Turndown Fakie)
5th – Raja Shami (Feeble Grind Barspin Out)

BMX Flatland
1st – pak koq
2nd – faiz kelantan
3rd – redza pablo

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