#xgamesindonesiavideocompetition Ride And Rise – Heru Anwari

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Heru Anwari is a talented Indonesia BMX Flatland rider, but he not only can ride flatland, he also good in street/park. BMX FlatStreet
This video for #xgamesindonesiavideocompetition
Heru  hope this video can be useful for all xtreme sports lovers, to motivate the spirit of achievement and make his dream come true.

Rider : Heru Anwari
Spot : Malaysia – YSB Skatepark – Putra Jaya Skatepark – RTC Xtreme Park – Buqit Skatepark – Flatdev 2013
Suported By : Wim Cycle – Mugabe – PIERO – ZTFFbmx – Twin – MGB Streetshop
Song : Dubstep Remix Music
Filmed : Febryansah – Deyno – Shahrul Reezwan
Editor : Ade Brother

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