New prototype frame from Frontless

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Frontless in a brand that made BMX parts such as plastic peg and bar end efore. But now they have done something that we might had never thinking of doing it. A prototype frame that looks really cool and fuckn low! Redza os really talented.

Redza from ‘frontless’ testing a new DIY frame “4130 sanko japan
tubing” machine setting…really cool…..nice geometry, wow that’s
great! nice product from frontless bmx company….you guy’s rOck!! babeh – Undernorth


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Windstorm result

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The Wild
Channel Windstorm BMX Flatland competition was held last Saturday and
Sunday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the biggest flatland
competition held in Malaysia. It was held indoor in the Mines Shopping
Center. Nearly 70 riders from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia
and Philippines attended the competition. The qualifiers was held on
Saturday where all the riders competed for the top 16 spot for the
final battle. With a smooth indoor plywood surface, everyone had fun
riding and sessioning with all the riders who attended the competition.
There were a lot of crowds cheering and enjoying the competition.

top 16 battle was really intense and close. Among the most stylish were
Calvin Tan from Singapore with his smooth rear wheel links and half cab
whoppers, Toon from Thailand with his ever consistent 90 second runs
and also Renz from the Phillipines, constantly gliding forever in his
links. I am sure Renz can even glide and pump away a 5 minute link if
he was given the chance to do it. The most intense battle was with the
reigning battle champion Mat Dagu from Malaysia and Toon from Thailand.
After the intense 3 link battle, it was a draw so the judges requested
for a 1 run battle and unfortunately, Mat Dagu did not make it so Toon
from Thailand went into the next round and eventually emerged as the
new Wild Channel Windstorm Champion.

finals between Calvin Tan from Singapore and Toon from Thailand was
really close with both riders showing different riding styles. Calvin
with his rear wheel links and Toon with his consistent front wheel 90
second links. It amazing to see Toon go in and out his crackpacker
links with his own ´haaappp!!´ scream before every switch. The
spectators were really into it and the atmosphere was really loud and
fun. In the end, Toon from Thailand was crowned the new Wild Channel
Windstorm 2009 Champion with Calvin Tan from Singapore 2nd and Hezlan
from Malaysia and Renz from Philippines coming in 3rd and 4th.

competition was a blast. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The winners also
went home with a lot of goodies and cash prizes. The next Wild Channel
Windstorm Flatland competition will be even bigger and better plus the
flatland scene will be in Malaysia for a long-long time.


1st Toon  (Thailand)

2nd Calvin  (Singapore)

3rd Hezlan  (Malaysia)

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