The Make

the Make Jungle City from the Make on Vimeo.

Somewhere around May last year, Riders from The Make ( had came down to KL to ride and hit our streets here. pretty rare for riders from outside Asia to come to Malaysia for riding purpose.

So this is the video. You can see there in the video, they found more street spots than we do. Even though we lived here for more than 20 years. Shame on you.

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Untitled from kayuhbmx on Vimeo.

This just a teaser of a video that me with other friends that in the progress of doing it.

A very simple video editing because Im still learning.

I plan to make a video that has a mix of Malaysian BMX, graffiti and b-boy. This is my first project of making video. More coming soon.

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Volcom Malaysia

Today’s story is something not really related to BMX, but who knows in the future.

Just to let you know that Volcom are now officially has a distributor in Malaysia (before this it is under Quiksilver). Currently they are sponsoring Am Cher (in case you dont know, he’s a pro skateboarder for Malaysia, being in the skateboarding scene for more than 10 years…)

We just hope that Volcom may open their eyes to see the potential of BMX scene in Malaysia.


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