Sunny on Vans now

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As many knows, DC Shoes had dropped BMX program from their company. So that’s mean DC is no more related to BMX. Same goes to here in Malaysia (DC Shoes is distributed by RSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd), they need to drop BMX also.

However they dont want to loose Sunny, so they transfer him into Vans sponsorship. Apparently, it’s actually some sort of good news for Sunny.  Lets hope that a lot of projects going to happen with Vans in our BMX community soon.

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It’s a SUNNY day

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“It’s a SUNNY day” is a video of Malaysian BMX pro rider Shahrul Nizam also known as Sunny. A dedicated rider, passionate and hardworking, that is Sunny.

And this is most probably the last video of Sunny promoting DC Shoes before converting into Vans. Oh wait, is that a hint?! LOL
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Simple Session 2013 Finals

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Simple Session 2013 Finals from Ride BMX Magazine on Vimeo.


Simple Session 2013 goes down in history as a contest that saw some of the highest caliber riding any contest has ever seen. With a cast of characters ranging from the likes of Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco to the likes of Kyle Baldock and Daniel Sandoval and an equally balanced course designed by Nate Wessel and carried out by Aaron Bostrom, the riding level at SS13 was through the roof. At the end of the day, Kevin Peraza took home the top spot with Michael Beran and Harry Main behind him. Click play on the video above for full proof of all the insanity that went down in Tallinn on the 17th of March 2013

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Simple Session 2013 Final

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Simple Session 2013 Finals

Complete insanity. Brand new tricks. Wild combos. This is Simple Session 2013.


1 Kevin Peraza 444
2 Michael Beran 437
3 Harry Main 433
4 Daniel Sandoval 432
5 Kyle Baldock 427
6 Logan Martin 425
7 Devon Smillie 420
8 Pat Casey 414
9 Bruno Hoffman 413
10 Todd Meyn 410

11 Stevie Churchill 408
12 Simone Barraco 404
13 Trey Jones 399
14 Daniel Tünte 395
15 Alex Kennedy 390
16 Tommy Dugan 390
17 Ryan Taylor 387
18 Jack Clark 385
19 Josh Harrington 383
20 Shanon Farrugia 377
20 Anthony Perrin 377
22 Jack Watts 376
23 Sebastian Keep 375
24 Dan Paley 368



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Simple Session 2013 Qualifiers HIghlight

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As expected, qualifiers for the 2013 Simple Session were out of control and plenty of insane riding went down from the street riders, park riders, and everyone in between. No serious injuries, awesome riding, and an NBD on the down rail by Brian Kachinsky (backwards icepick to fakie toothpick) made this day one for the Simple Session history books and I can’t imagine what tomorrow will bring.

Simple Session 2013 Saturday Qualifiers from Ride BMX Magazine on Vimeo.

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