PCP Adrenaline Fest 2019 has ended last weekend with a success event. We manage to gather many riders from all over Malaysia and that was the first time we have a beginner category. It’s good to see new riders progress and competing positively with each riders.

Below are the results

BMX Park Open

  1. Syafiq Norzazlan
  2. Raja Ahmad Ashami
  3. Zafrin Shah
  4. Saiful Ariff
  5. Mohammad Nor
  6. Ammar Shukri
  7. Mohammad Nor Stures
  8. Imran Ibrahim
  9. Azri Azrae
  10. Hilmi Asyraff
  11. Mohd Hafiz Putek
  12. Hafizi Suhaimi
  13. Muhaimin Mazlan

BMX Park Beginner

  1. Kudin
  2. Haziq Idrus
  3. Fairuz Zamir
  4. Zack
  5. Haziq
  6. Zuhair

BMX Flatland Open

  1. Ahmad Shaiful Azis
  2. Hafiz Abd Wahab
  3. Tazlem Razif
  4. Nur Hazme
  5. Mohd Hafiey
  6. Shafiq Wahid
  7. Amy Salleh

BMX Flatland Beginner

  1. Hafiz
  2. Nur Airen Sofea
  3. Nia Nur Aidryana