Karnival Sukan Extreme result & photos

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Karnival Sukan Extreme in conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara 2023 was a blast! It was a fun event with many riders turn out to support the event and gather with the BMX family.

So many riders battle out to perform theirs tricks, we can see that many improvement in our BMX street riding skills. And we also honor to have Chiao Hung from Taiwan to join the competition.

Thanks to Skatepark Creation for the amazing event and thanks to all riders that came over to join and support the event.


BMX Street Open

1 – Chiao Hung
2 – Shami
3 – Farhanuddin
4 – Asyraf Acap
5 – Shaszwan
6 – Rafiq Hashimi
7 – Ammar SHukri
8 – Matno KL
9 – Aqram Razali
10 – Muhaimin Mazlan
11 – Kanda Arul
12 – Omar Aris

BMX Street Amateur

1 – Ishak Hassan
2 – Omar
3 – Daniel
4 – Fakhruddin
5 – Iman
6 – Zidane

BMX Flatland Open

1 – Zharif
2 – Ajak
3 -Rozan

BMX Flatland Junior

1 -Noah Khairy
2 – Ayden Bambam
3 – Sofea

All photos by Ammar Shukri

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Karnival Sukan Extreme KBS Putrajaya

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Register the online here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0C_nOBJnr6dNRkoifxoFgBOVAxhhGkS_fy-kLAdpM2ZS4xw/viewform

There will be BMX Street and Flatland competition happening this Saturday at Menara Kementeria Belia Dan Sukan, Putrajaya.

There will also be an Open and Junior / Amateur category for both discipline.

Register now! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0C_nOBJnr6dNRkoifxoFgBOVAxhhGkS_fy-kLAdpM2ZS4xw/viewform

And one important reminder, we heard that there will a a lot of events in that area, so for car parking will be a problem. So please come early to avoid stuck in the traffic.

Event Location

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