Street Addict

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Boring watching BMX everyday?
Come watch this b-boy battle competition at SACC Mall, Shah Alam this 30th January 2009 (Saturday).

we support each other.

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Super Massive Bombing

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Last Friday night, me together with PHOBIAKLIK crew and few other
graffiti artists went to the famous “blue wall” for a blockbuster super massive
bombing. This time, Bee (phobia) planned to bomb the whole wall,
covering up everything that is possible.
You can just see the result. super massive!!!!

Just wait for the next project.

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Devise Black on Black edition

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Black On Black is an ongoing project by Devise specially dedicated to the color Devise trust, the black color.
The series will have new designs or selected previous designs produced
in black print on black t-shirt. For starter here they have Crest and
reissued Graff design for you to consume.

p/s: the model for the t-shirt is soooooo gorgeous!!

Available now online at DEVISE | THESTORE

Also at our respective retailers:

DISTRICT Shop & Gallery
145 – 1 Jalan Imbi
50050 Kuala Lumpur

WHEEL LOVE Skateshop
28 Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya

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Photos from Ride & Unite

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These are some photos from Ride & Unite event last Saturday at District Shop and Gallery

What happen on that day?
Malaysian Flatland Award 2009
Won by Hezlan (Lan Ipoh) for the 1st place, 2nd place won by Pak Tam and 3rd place won by Pak Koq.
there is one surprise award given by Mr. Rizal, that is Most Progressed Rider in 2009.. This award goes to Pak Koq who really progressed a lot in his riding last year.
Highest bunnyhop contest won by Amy Hellboy (as usual), with the height or 5 Feet 2 inches.
The prizes supposed to be some stuff sponsored by kayuhbmx and district, but suddenly an uncle some to us and he said that he like to see these boys riding. And he want to give money to the winner. At first, we thought he was bluffing, but he really did give us RM300 for the winner!! (WOW!). But unfortunately, he disappear when the competition finish. We dont know where did he goes. We actually planned for him to give the prize money to the winner, but too bad uncle, hope to see u around in the future. Epul (Floor Fever) gave us RM20 and Botaxx donate some RM2. So total prize for the winner is RM322. haha!! Lucky Amy!

I hope everybody had fun on that day. This is just a ghetto event. No big sponsors. Just a true friendship among all and support each other. BMX riders, Graffiti artis/bombers, B-Boys, DJs, and everybody, kayuhbmx salute you all.

Thanks everybody.

Photos taken by

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Malaysian BMX Award 2010

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Last year we had done a Malaysian Flatland Award based on the competition ranking throughout all the year.

So this year we gonna change it to Malaysian BMX Award, that will include both BMX Flatland and BMX Street award based on competition winners throughout all competition in Malaysia in the year of 2010.
So, to all bmx riders, keep on competing for you to get the award. We will try our best to give a better present this year. Who knows if we can hook up you with a sponsor? We will try our best for the sake of the scene.
* (photos from last ride and unite event will be uploaded soon)
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