Our Dream Job

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I can say this is most of the flatlanders dream job…
And this is what Jean-Francois Boulianne a.k.a JF everyday job in China. Isn’t that fun?!

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This is a girl band from Singapore that enters Malaysian market to create a name here in Malaysia. They called the group as DynDa.

What ever they are, I just wanna say that they features our riders in the video clip, that is Kecik Ipoh and Botaxxx. This is another good exposure for our BMX scene. Thanks to DynDa anyway.

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Jean-Francois Boulianne

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For anybody who dont know who is Jean-Francois Boulianne a.k.a JF is,
he’s a super cool flatlander from Canada and now working in a theme park
at China to do a BMX Flatland show everyday. Isn’t that a really
awesome job?!!
He came to Malaysia last month to join the Kejohanan BMX Kebangsaan 2010
at Mont Kiara skatepark and also to have fun in Malaysia.
You can read what he wrote about his trip in KL at his blog

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