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It was the best opening event for TIC 2018 ranking points at Art Of Speed 2018 last weekend. The crowd was massive with a good indoor environment – it was a perfect event & place to have a BMX competition.

Big thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen. Thanks to Art Of Speed for the good event and also thanks to all riders who came down to the event.


Best Trick Jump Box Result

1. Syafiq Zazlan – 360 downwhip (perfect)
2. Zafrin Shah – Super Whip (high, over box)
3. Azri Azrae – 540 (half cab)
4. Imran Ibrahim – 360 Toboggan (high, nose dive, full extension, case)
5. Hidayat – Truckdriver (high, case)
6. Saiful Ariff – Tuck No Hander to Turndown (over box but not full extension)
7. Mohd Farhanuddin – Barspin to Toboggan (land on deck)
8. Ammar Shukri – Onehand No Foot (over box but basic trick)
9. Wai Kian – Suicide No Hander (case)
8. Mohammad Noor – Onehand to X-Up (case)

* ‘case’ is where the rider land the trick almost over the jumpbox (normally rear tire last on the deck/top of the jumpbox)


Best Trick Grind Result

1. Mohd Farhanuddin – SW Feeble 180 Cab Crank Flip
2. Saiful Ariff – Feeble to Barspin
3. Rafiq Hashimi – Feeble to Crank Flip
4. Adib – Toothpick Hangover
5. Imran Ibrahim – Ride to 180
6. Azri Azrei – Feeble to SW 180
7. Ammar Shukri – SW Feeble to 190
8. Idham Ahmad – Smith grind
9. Wai Kian – SW toothpick (peg ching)
10. Shaszwan – Icepick

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