Twenty Inch Cup 2015 Series Final Stop



Congratulation to Saiful Ariff and Hafiz for winning the overall champion for Twenty Inch Cup (TIC) 2015 series for BMX Street/Park and BMX Flatland category respectively.

Saiful Ariff took 4th place at the competition but still manage to get 1st place in overall ranking. Same goes to Hafiz, he got 8th place but in overall ranking, nobody can still beat him.




It was a great day for BMX. A lot of riders turn up, especially young kids that we had never seen before. Its a good sign for our future BMX scene.

IMG_6952 IMG_6719 IMG_6681 IMG_6659 IMG_0437 IMG_6313 IMG_0332 IMG_0383 IMG_6116




Thanks to everyone for coming to TIC 2015 Series Final Stop at Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. Thanks to everyone who always been our supporters. You know who you are.

Lets see who will be the next champion for TIC 2016 Series !





IMG_0257 IMG_0284 IMG_0334 IMG_0367 IMG_0336 IMG_0367 IMG_0376 IMG_0369 IMG_0420 IMG_0434 IMG_6109 IMG_6116 IMG_6125 IMG_6134 IMG_6137 IMG_6193 IMG_6285 IMG_6242 IMG_6220 IMG_6216 IMG_6208 IMG_6203 IMG_6198 IMG_6300 IMG_6320 IMG_6526 IMG_6374 IMG_6364 IMG_6356 IMG_6345 IMG_6548 IMG_6612 IMG_6578 IMG_6635 IMG_6665 IMG_6674 IMG_6731 IMG_6738 IMG_6735IMG_6785 IMG_6883 IMG_6866 IMG_6845 IMG_6833 IMG_6821 IMG_6818 IMG_6812 IMG_6798 IMG_6791 IMG_6948 IMG_6959 IMG_6965 IMG_6973 IMG_6991


*all photos by Farhanuddin @ Aan

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