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Just wanna share some stories…

Since there are not many BMX related shoe company around, I would like to share with your guys this not really a new brand, but it seems not really popular here in Malaysia. Almond Footwear.

Put aside the quality matters, I’ve been attracted by the brand image and the shoe design. even the team riders for this company is not as big as Garret, Enarson or Guettler, but all the riders have their own attitude and style of riding that really impress me.

Here some info about Almond Footwear.

“Almond Footwear™ is a multi-disciplinary footwear brand that is
dedicated to producing quality footwear and encompassing passionate
forward thinking design.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail, and a
unique process we bring to each and every one of our models. Our
foundations lie firmly rooted in BMX, and we have always been
enthusiastic about fashion and grass roots design, I guess you could say
that Almond almost effortlessly became an amalgamation of all those
inspirations. Our goal is to forge a legacy of innovative thinking, to
develop new ideas and reach new stages in shoe design for BMX’ers and
everyday people through our own authentic style.” – Almond Footwear

Like this shoe? email me at if you want it. I can try to help you.

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