The Penang Trip 2.0 | Episode 01


“We went for road trip to the northside of Malaysia, Pulau Penang & Kedah for a video project form Kayuhbmx (@kayuhbmx). The trip was fun although it was raining in the evening. After hours of riding and filming, we don”t want to miss the delicious food in Penang Stay tune for the Shout out the friends who were making this trip happened. ” – Ammar Shukri




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Grind Bandit Report

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Grind Bandit in conjunction with Art Of Speed 2017 was held successfully at MAEPS, Serdang, Selangor last weekend. With support from Vans Malaysia, we manage to create a nice event that everybody can participate and have fun together. This is also the first competition to include Twenty Inch Cup point for 2017 season.


We did a bunnyhop contest and a flatland jam on Saturday and a best trick grind ledge contest on Sunday. The crowd was very supportive event under hot sun and rain for few minutes. Ammar Shukri manage to win the Bunnyhop Contest with 37inch high of bunnyhop jump and Rudianto Mazlan had won over a very tight battle with Nurhazme at the Flatland Jam with Mat Dagu session. Both of them manage to bring back the Vans X Trasher limited edition shoe.


Sunday was the main event, the Grind Bandit best trick grind ledge competition was held with 15 participant. Everybody was pumpin’ to do their best trick on that freshly made A-Frame grind box. It was won by Shami, followed by Syafiq and third place goes to Aan.


Full winner list

  1. Shami –  switch Smith Grind to switch Feeble Grind to switch Barspin
  2. Syafiq – Feeble Grind Barspin to Smitch Grind
  3. Aan – Feeble Grind to Manual to Crankflip out
  4. Azri up ledge Barspin to Smith grind
  5. Yan Kluang – Manual to Feeble Grind up ledge to 360 out
  6. Wai Kian – Feeble Grind all the way to Hard 180 out
  7. Saiful Ariff – Feeble Grind all the way to Barspin out
  8. Aqram – Smith Grind up ledge to 360 out
  9. Muhaimin – Feeble Grind 180 out to Full Cab
  10. Matno – Feeble Grind all the way to 180 out
  11. Jajan – up ledge to 180 Toothpick
  12. Asli – Feeble Grind all the way to Crank Flip out
  13. Shaszwan – Smithgrind
  14. Haziq – Feeble Grind to X-Up
  15. Omar – Tabletop



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