Odyssey Flatware Flatland Competition

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Last weekend (on 1st May 2010), our beloved flatland rider, Ajiem and Faqe went to Odyssey Flatware Competition in Luton, London. Here are some stories from them.

“hello guys! just want to give some update from UK.

last weekend me, Syafiq & Aidwin went to Odyssey Flatware
Flatland Competition that was held in Luton, London. it was a great
event. this time we arrived a bit earlier than before (Level Vibes Comp)
and once again we got very warm welcome from the TGM riders. they all
are really friendly people yes they are. the competition started around
noon. the weather was just unpredictable. sometime it was super hot and
sometime it was super chill. even though it rains just a little, but
luckily it doesn’t rain hard and when the competition about to start,
the rain stopped. me and Syafiq were really super duper nervous at that
time. Syafiq had to go to the toilet for few times to flush his Ponty
Fish Bar’s kebab that he had on the night before. i was shivering from
the beginning till the end of the competition because i also got scared.
they said there’s a butterfly in my stomach. But i really respect
Aidwin, he managed to stay calm all the time. Aidwin had to wear
sunglasses like a tai chi master just to get a real good focus on his
riding (sorry Aidwin, am just joking. hehehe). well basically this is
what happen if you enter an international competition for the first time
people! this is quality. hahaha :lol: the competition was judged using battle
format. so, it does put big stressed on my a**, some more the surface
was really bumpy. because the plywood doesn’t stick properly to the
floor. but well, it’s better than nothing rite? the organiser, Aleks
(owener of 75degreeszine.blogspot.com) did a good well done job. if i’m
not mistaken, he managed to find all the good sponsors like Odyssey
Flatware, Luton local city Council, flatland specific plywood surface
and a good music systems + crews all by himself. he deserve big credits.
much respect! this is what it mean by riders for riders. hopefully one
day Malaysian BMX scene will become better like this or even better. i
know we can. even now i can see that there are lot of good competition
held in Malaysia rite? we just need some exposure to the world! pray for
the best. hehehe. my overall comment : the atmosphere of the
competition was really awesome, nice city landscape and views, good
riding temperature 9-25 degree Celsius, good supportive Luton crowd and
not forgetting loads of hot ChiQs near the fence cheering for us too.
hahahaha :lol: it is just perfect! just really perfect!
we all had so much fun. yeay! :)

and here is the the results :
1) Keelan Phillips
2) James White
3) Steve Green

1) Jimmy Bondi
2) Michael
2) Salvador Brown

though we didnt win. Well atleast we did our best and we showed some
flavour to the contest like what Effraim Catlow said in his blog
(flatmattersonline.blogspot.com) and best part is we manage to introduce
Malaysian Flatlanders to the world. Malaysia Boleh!! the riding spirit
is what really matter 8)
it was a good experience to compete in
international competition. hohoho :D

p/s: owh ya, for your guys info.
Phil Dolan tegur aku doe! mcm x percaya. much respect to that old guy!
ini smua pasti mulut masin abg Rizal yg pasa suatu ketika dulu telah
terpanggil aku dgn nama Jim Dolan. hahahaha :lol:

credits to Rosanne & Aidwin for the cool pics.”


for more photos and videos, click here

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