PCP Extreme Challenge Final Result

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Its was a great success event! After so long we did not have any event, we got a very big BMX riders turn up at this PCP Extreme Challenge event. So many new and old riders that over to participate and to support this event. Thanks to Perbadanan Putrajaya and Skatepark Creation for managing this event.
Even though there are some group tried to sabotage this event, we still manage to gather around 70 riders that came to participate and also that came to give their support this this event. Thanks to all of you. We really appreciate it.

Its amazing to see a lot of very young riders that tried to compete with other older riders. A very good start to give the exposure to them for a high level competition. We hope to see more young riders to come out and join our next event.

Again, thanks to everybody that come over to the event, and also thanks to Perbadanan Putrajaya and Skatepark Creation for this event.

BMX Park Final Result
1 – Syafiq Norzazlan
2 – Hilmi Asyraf
3 – Muhammad Noor (Matno Penang)
4 – Rafiq Hashimi
5 – Muhammad Noor Stures
6 – Saiful Ariff
7 – Farhanuddin
8 – Muhaimin Mazlan
9 – Mohd Kidir
10 – Syazani Zulkifli
11 – Amirul Solehin
12 – Hidayat

BMX Flatland Final Result
1 – Hafiz Abd Wahab
2 – Izwan Roslan
3 – Mohammad Shah (Matbum)
4 – Harif Houzey
5 – Idris Salleh
6 – Ajax Kajang
7 – Syafiq Wahid
8 – Zul Tai
9 – Rozan
10 – Amy Salleh
11 – Boy Guar
12 – Khairafik Khairuddin
13 – Boy Kuala