PCP Extreme Challenge Final Result

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Its was a great success event! After so long we did not have any event, we got a very big BMX riders turn up at this PCP Extreme Challenge event. So many new and old riders that over to participate and to support this event. Thanks to Perbadanan Putrajaya and Skatepark Creation for managing this event.
Even though there are some group tried to sabotage this event, we still manage to gather around 70 riders that came to participate and also that came to give their support this this event. Thanks to all of you. We really appreciate it.

Its amazing to see a lot of very young riders that tried to compete with other older riders. A very good start to give the exposure to them for a high level competition. We hope to see more young riders to come out and join our next event.

Again, thanks to everybody that come over to the event, and also thanks to Perbadanan Putrajaya and Skatepark Creation for this event.

BMX Park Final Result
1 – Syafiq Norzazlan
2 – Hilmi Asyraf
3 – Muhammad Noor (Matno Penang)
4 – Rafiq Hashimi
5 – Muhammad Noor Stures
6 – Saiful Ariff
7 – Farhanuddin
8 – Muhaimin Mazlan
9 – Mohd Kidir
10 – Syazani Zulkifli
11 – Amirul Solehin
12 – Hidayat

BMX Flatland Final Result
1 – Hafiz Abd Wahab
2 – Izwan Roslan
3 – Mohammad Shah (Matbum)
4 – Harif Houzey
5 – Idris Salleh
6 – Ajax Kajang
7 – Syafiq Wahid
8 – Zul Tai
9 – Rozan
10 – Amy Salleh
11 – Boy Guar
12 – Khairafik Khairuddin
13 – Boy Kuala

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PCP Extreme Challenge Prelim Result

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PCP Extreme Challenge had just ended the first day with preliminary round with flying colors. We got 30 contestant enter the BMX Park competition and 18 riders enter the BMX Flatland category.

Its pretty rare to get this amount of around 50 riders (not including those who didnt enter the competition but came to support their friends) that came to a BMX Competition. Thanks to all riders that came to support this event. This is what BMX is all about. No politics no bullshit no drama, just ride and have fun.

Final tomorrow (Sunday) at 2PM. See you guys tomorrow!

Here is the result

BMX Park Prelim Result
1 – Syafiq Norzazlan
2 – Hilmi Asyraf (Acap)
3 – Muhammad Noor Stures (Mack)
4 – Syazani Zulkilfi (Jajan)
5 -Mohd Nor Md Yusof (Matno Penang)
6 – Mohd Kidir
7 – Mohd Rafiq Hashimi
8 – Farhanuddin (Aan)
9 – Mohd Hidayat
10 – Muhaimin Mazlan
11 – Amirul Solehin
12 – Saiful Ariff

(12 riders goes to final)
13 – Aniq Solehin
14 – Zulkifli Benu Amin (Zul JB)
15 – Hadi
16 – Haziq Hasnul
17 – Arif Solehin
18 – Wai Kian
19 – Haziq Mohd Ilham
20 – Mohd Ridhuan (Waktong)
21 – Forsi Rosi (Ajis)
22 – Mohammad Omar
23 – Haziq Shafiq
24 – Wan Assnoel
25 – Hazman Tumiran
26 – Muhd Hariz Zikri
27 – Bani Dadi Dude
28 – Azri
29 – Mohd Asraf Zikri
30 – Mohammad Farhan b Ibrahim

BMX Flatland Prelim Result
1 – Hafiz b Abd Wahab
2 – Mohd Harif b Hauzey
3 – Wan Mohammad Shah B Tahya
4 – Edris b Salleh
5 – Mohammad Izwan b Roslan
6- Zharif b Abd Razak
7 – Zulkifli b Osman
8 – Mohd Hairul Azmi
9 – Mohd Syafiq Abdul Wahid
10 – Mohd Aszuri Adi / Rafiq Khairuddin

(sorry we only got 10 names that are going to final. There is no list till 18th number)

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PCP Extreme Challenge

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Putrajaya Challenge Park once again will be hosting a Extreme Sports event after 2 years of not having any event there since the start of Covid-19 pandemic.
We will be part of the event by having a BMX Park competition & BMX Flatland competition.

Prizes :
1st place – RM400
2nd place – RM300
3rd place – RM200
4th place – RM100

Registration is on Saturday 8am as what the organizer already stated in the schedule below.

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Vans Checkerboard Day

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November 18th is a Vans Checkerboard Day – The world is your checkerboard. Together makes it better. The day everything gets better because we’re doing it together as a community. Its the time we give back community.

This year Vans Malaysia are collaborating with us with some activities for the Vans Checkerboard Day. And this year Vans Malaysia has selected the Dignity for Children Foundation to do some charity program for the students. Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A good news to them, Vans Malaysia will build a skatepark at their school! what an amazing effort from Vans!

The event start with having an art class for the students, after that give them some music performances.
And the most waiting part is the BMX & Skateboard show by Vans Malaysia riders. We can see how excited the students to watch the adrenalin rush show.

After that we did a simple clinic to teach those students basic BMX & Skateboarding. We glad to see some of them who dont know how to cycle before this manage to start cycling today. We looking forward for a BMX rider in the future that come from these students.

And later that day, we did a charity program together with Dapur Pedal to give some food to the some needed people around Kuala Lumpur City Center. We glad to see some happiness in their face whenever they receive the ‘small help’ from us.

The day end with everybody was happy that we can do a small contribution to the community during the Vans Checkerboard Day. Thank you Vans Malaysia

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Rebirth of Kiara Skatepark Best Trick (Skateboard & BMX)

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Click the link above to register

What better way to celebrate the re-opening of Kiara Skatepark with a best trick contest at the new skatepark?

About this event

Contest Format: Best Trick + Cash For Tricks

Date & Time: 13th November 2021

Skateboard: 3PM – 5PM (Limited to 30 pax) / BMX: 5PM – 7PM (Limited to 20 pax)


1st Place: RM500 + Vans Goodies

2nd Place: RM300 + Vans Goodies

3rd Place: RM200 + Vans Goodies

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Mont Kiara Skatepark Rebuild By Ramp Master

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Mont Kiara Skatepark Revamp By Ramp Master

Kayuhbmx in association with Ramp Master has been appointed by Vans Malaysia to re-build the ‘Big Ramp Section’ at Mont Kiara Skatepark. We build a new roll in for the jump box flow, create a wider quarter pipe and did some refurbish to those ramp to make it look nice and proper.

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Vans, the original action sports footwear and apparel brand, is excited to unveil the Slip-On BMX by Dennis Enarson, a finely tuned offering that is just as versatile as the rider himself.

Dennis’ diverse style demands a shoe that can do it all. Together with Vans, he applied his aesthetic to the Slip-On BMX, created specifically with BMXers in mind. The Slip-On BMX features Vans’ hybrid cupsole and vulcanized Wafflecup BMX technology, which provides unrivaled support and durability without compromising precious pedalfeel.

“From the beginning, I knew this shoe had to be something durable to shred in, yet fashionable enough to wear with your favorite outfit—and that’s exactly what we made,” Dennis said.

“Dennis married the reliability and strength of the Slip-On BMX with an elevated look and feel, bridging performance and functionality with style. His slip-on comes to life in a synthetic distressed leather upper in rich pewter that features his debossed custom artwork on the heel—a graphic inspired by one of his tattoos. The shoe is rounded out with black foxing and Dennis’ motto, “Peace, Love, Positivity,” on the sockliner, which also carries over into a broader Vans x Dennis Enarson apparel offering.

“Peace, love, positivity is an affirmation I always have in my head whenever things get stressful or tough,” Dennis added. “Those words always remind me of what life is all about.”

The Standard Versa Hoodie in gray is a 290gm water-repellent fleece pullover with left chest and back detailing featuring Dennis’ custom mandala artwork, peace sign and motto. In addition, the Dennis Enarson Off The Wall Tee in black features retro graphics, peace sign and “Vans Original Since 1966” messaging.”

Another first of its kind, built with BMX in mind.

In some ways, riders like Dennis Enarson are a dying breed. You have street riders and transition riders, trick riders and flow riders, burly riders and technical riders. Very rarely does a single rider encompass all of those things, but thats Dennis. Hes the only rider in history to be nominated for four NORA Cups in the same year-Street, Dirt, Ramp, and Video Part-and off the bike, hes just as busy. Hes started his own brand, produced a full-length video, organized events, and produced his own podcast. Plus, hes a damn nice guy. The best all-around rider in the world also happens to be driven to create good things for the community and BMX.

This season, Dennis has teamed up with Vans for a custom colorway in the new BMX Slip-On. Dennis wanted the support, durability and pedalfeel that the WAFFLECUP BMX construction provides with premium materials to offer an elevated look and feel. Along with DURACAP upper reinforcement, tonal debossed art on the heel, and peace, love, positivity printed on the sockliner, the Dennis Enarson BMX Slip-On offers maximum performance benefits with Denniss timeless style.

-VANS WAFFLECUP BMX CONSTRUCTION -A first of its kind in BMX, specifically designed to deliver the best combination of pedalfeel, support, and durability.
-UNRIVALED DURABILITY -Reinforced DURACAP underlays in high-wear areas add unrivaled durability to prolong the life of each shoe.
-CLASSIC GUM RUBBER GRIP -The Van Doren Gum Rubber Compound, made of a rubber that offers grip and support, is what attracted BMXers to Vans in the first place. This is the Sole of BMX.

Purchase at :