Having a good time with riders is the most important thing in riding beside getting new tricks and winning competition.

From this Agun BMX Stadium Jam, we can see that they are really having fun at the jam.

This is what we want to see in our BMX scene, enjoy riding – this create a positive vibes in our BMX scene.

Congrats Sarawak riders. We hope to see another good activity next time.


AGUN BMX Grand Opening

shahrul reezwan bmx malaysia

A good friend of us, Aidwin from Agun BMX had invited our team to their shop launching happening this 15th of June 2014, located in Kuching, Sarawak.

There will be a BMX Street competition on the launching event. The prize are pretty big for a local company like Agun. It seems like a good vibe for Sarawak BMX scene.

So what are you waiting for… Sarawak BMX riders, be there to support Agun BMX !

Our team will be there to support Sarawak BMX scene. And riders from Indonesia will be joining the event too!!

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