BMX Park & BMX Flatland Competition in conjunction with SEA Games KL 2017

There will be a competition in conjunction with SEA Games KL 2017 at Bukit Jalil this 19th August 2017 (Saturday).

We really hope that everybody could come to the event and together with us to support our Malaysian athlete.

Venue : Bukit Jalil Stadium (Near LRT Station)

Date for BMX Competition : 19th August only

Time : 12pm – 6pm

Discipline : BMX Park & BMX Flatland

Prizes : Cash RM500, RM400, RM300, RM200, RM100 (1st – 5th)


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FISE World Malaysia 2014


Mark your calendars and get ready for action! The whole FISE World Series team will be in Malaysia from December 18 to 20, on Langkawi Island (Dataran Pekan Rabu) for the final stop of the FWS 2014.

The best international athletes will be gathering over 3 days to compete on the international (BMX) and open (BMX, Skateboard, Roller) levels and perform in demonstrations in roller and skateboard on some custom made riding areas like massive BMX park and street lines for rollerblade, skate and BMX.

The riders won’t be coming for nothing: check out the prize money thet will be battling for!

BMX Pro : FISE World Series Finals: 25 000 € in prize money up for grabs!
BMX open =   5000€ de prize money. 
ROLLER open = 5000€ de prize money. 
SKATE open = 5000€ de prize money. 

Let’s hence head to the North West of Malaysia for the end of the Year festivities in Langkawi Island, and come live the FISE with your family in dream location! The Langkawi Islands offer a breathtaking landscape, where the wilderness plunges deep into the sea. The FISE event is definitely not the only attraction there and many touristic activities and adventure are awaiting you!

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Karnival Orang Muda YSB

Flyers KOM 2014

Its happening again this year,

Karnival Orang Muda YSB

YSB Skatepark, Alor Star, Kedah.

15-16 September 2014

Big cash prizes for winners. 1st place RM3000, 2nd place RM1500, 3rd place RM1000 and 4th-10th will get RM100. So don’t miss the chance to be part of the exiting event!  By the way, don’t freak out about the day since its happening on Monday and Tuesday, 16 September is Hari Malaysia day, so its a holiday. Just get a day off on Monday and you can enjoy the competition.

For more info you can contact 012-6830842 (Sunny) or 012-6841441 (iwan)

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IOXC 2014

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IOXC Indonesia

This year, Indonesia Open X-treme Championship will be held in Semarang, Indonesia.

IOXC is one of the biggest extreme sports event in Indonesia that you should not missed – huge skatepark, good prizes and great vibes .

Kayuhbmx Family are supporting this event and we hope that this year there will be a lot of riders from Malaysia joining the competition.


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Beat My Trick Result

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Best My Trick competition in Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan was so fun!
Cool place, nice environment, many riders and good competition.

So here’s the result.

BMX Street
1st – Saiful Ariff (Up Ledge 180 Tailwhip Fakie)
2nd – Sunny Bmx (Feeble Grind Up Tailwhip Out)
3rd – Ahmad Sholehen (Barspin to Feeble Grind)
4th – Hadric Tadaski (Up Ledge 180 Turndown Fakie)
5th – Raja Shami (Feeble Grind Barspin Out)

BMX Flatland
1st – pak koq
2nd – faiz kelantan
3rd – redza pablo

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Hom-Hom Family

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In case you dont know what Hom-Hom Family is, it is a group of friends that present themselves as Hom-Hom Family. They are skateboarders, rollerbladers and musician. Together they form a group movement to make our scene more exiting.

I did a collaboration video with them to promote our local scene. To all skateboarders, bikers, roller bladders, musicians etc, please show us your support!!! Let’s together support our local product.

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SlowmoTV is a website that has been created to promote Malaysian extreme community like BMX, skateboard, in-line and the others.
The interesting part about this website is that the content is like 90% video basis and the rest are article and  latest info about extreme sport community inside or outside Malaysia.
Categories inside this web tv is like Atlit Profile, Event, Trick Tips, Fresh Blood, Day In Life and the others.
This website has been launch on 1st April 2011 and it is run by by some well-known people in this extreme sports industry.
With this website, we hope that it can put more colors to our extreme sports scene.
Log on to and dont forget to ‘like’ the SlowmoTV group in Facebook.

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Shifty Sk8 Mag

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Just to inform all of you, skateboarding scene gonna be hit by their new magazine called SHIFTY MAG. I already seen their work, ‘dammmnnn!!’ it’s really amazed me. This is one of the reason why SEEK MAG haven’t come out yet. The quality wont be like what i want. I wanna something like SHIFTY MAG. The magazine layout, arrangement, design, quality etc. They got a very good team and a good capital. that’s why they can do a very good artwork like this.
So if u still ask me why SEEK MAG haven’t come out yet, the answer is i don’t have a good team (i even do it alone, hahaha..), a good designer and a good quality magazine. I don’t want it to be “ala-ala kadar, takat bagi ade je”.

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