Sempoi Session Results







Congratulation to Thailand riders who taken 1st and 2nd place at Sempoi Session BMX Street competition last weekend. Both of them showed a high level of riding compared to Malaysian level. Good exposure for our riders, and we hope that this can motivate our riders to be like them.

Sempoi Session end with a very good vibe to our riders. Great competition, good street riding level and the most important is everybody really had fun in the event.

We would like to thanks Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah (YSB) for making Sempoi Session a reality. Thanks to RedbullMY for being a great supporter since day 1. Thanks to TapauTV for helping us on the video content. Thanks to all the sponsors, without you the event might be successful. And last but not least, thanks to all riders who came to support, compete and to be part of Sempoi Session. Not forgetting to those BMX Flatlanders who came and support the event even though BMX Flatland category didn’t included in Sempoi Session (yet). Everybody looking forward for the next Sempoi Session.

We will keep you updated.


sempoi session bmx final result


sempoi session bmx prelim result

* Twenty Inch Cup will be counted until 12th place since 1st and 2nd place won by Thailand riders.



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Karnival Orang Muda YSB

Flyers KOM 2014

Its happening again this year,

Karnival Orang Muda YSB

YSB Skatepark, Alor Star, Kedah.

15-16 September 2014

Big cash prizes for winners. 1st place RM3000, 2nd place RM1500, 3rd place RM1000 and 4th-10th will get RM100. So don’t miss the chance to be part of the exiting event!  By the way, don’t freak out about the day since its happening on Monday and Tuesday, 16 September is Hari Malaysia day, so its a holiday. Just get a day off on Monday and you can enjoy the competition.

For more info you can contact 012-6830842 (Sunny) or 012-6841441 (iwan)

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Karnival Sukan Ekstrim YSB

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Here the result for Karnival Sukan Ekstrim in Alor Star, Kedah last weekend.

BMX stun park

1st – Zafrin ‘Botaxx’ Shah Sabikin
2nd- Helmi ‘Emi’ Jumari
3rd- Amir ‘Skin’ Al-Hafiz
4th- Armand Mariano (Philippine)

BMX Flatland

1st – Hezlan ‘Lan Ipoh’ Abdul Ghafar
2nd- Sheikh Mohd ‘Botak Kuantan’ Tasleem
3rd- Mat Bum (taktau nama betol. haha!)
4th- Fadli ‘Paktam’ Kamal

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