The Curb X Devise Clothing collaboration project : BICYCLEMOTOCROSS

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Shahrul Reezwan BMX Malaysia The Curb

The Curb had teamed up with their retail partner in crime, Devise Clothing for a limited edition collaboration project; BICYCLEMOTOCROSS T-Shirt. The story is simple, their both came from the same root- BMX and they just want to let more people to know what is the three alphabets mean. Know the history, know the meaning; BICYCLEMOTOCROSS.

The T-Shirt comes in two colorways, White on Black and Black on Black. Both colors run in a limited quantity of 50 pieces each. To make it more rad, each T-Shirts come with a 30cm X 5.5cm dimension of a windscreen sticker.

Get it at The Curb or Depot By Devise

detail 3 white bmx tshirt detail 2 detail 1 car sticker black bmx tshirt



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