One Day Before CMCO

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Malaysia had is 3rd wave of Covid-19 virus spread on October 2020. So some place that had been seriously effected gets another ‘soft lockdown’. We in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Putrajaya need to stay in our own district only, we cant go to other district. Many places closed. Restaurant can only be open until 10pm. and many more. So one day before the CMCO, all the riders went out to do some activities and before they cant to that for a certain period of time.

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The Curb latest t-shirt limited RAYA 2014 collection

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promo 1


The Curb has launched the new line up of t-shirt RAYA 2014 collection. Every design come out with very limited quantity. Get it fast while stock last.

Contact 0126841441 to get it or just go to the shop located at 110A, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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The Curb X Devise Clothing collaboration project : BICYCLEMOTOCROSS

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Shahrul Reezwan BMX Malaysia The Curb

The Curb had teamed up with their retail partner in crime, Devise Clothing for a limited edition collaboration project; BICYCLEMOTOCROSS T-Shirt. The story is simple, their both came from the same root- BMX and they just want to let more people to know what is the three alphabets mean. Know the history, know the meaning; BICYCLEMOTOCROSS.

The T-Shirt comes in two colorways, White on Black and Black on Black. Both colors run in a limited quantity of 50 pieces each. To make it more rad, each T-Shirts come with a 30cm X 5.5cm dimension of a windscreen sticker.

Get it at The Curb or Depot By Devise

detail 3 white bmx tshirt detail 2 detail 1 car sticker black bmx tshirt

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Malaysia BMX shop

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Getting a BMX stuff but u dont know where?

Introduce you the most reliable BMX shop in KL, The Curb

Situated in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, they offer you a lot of BMX brands like Shadow Conspiracy, Wethepeople, Subrosa, Fitbike, Flybike, Odyssey, Primo, Autum, Jungle Rider. Eclat. Salt and many more!!! Beside BMX stuff, they also have range of clothing from BMX background brands, street wear and local brands.

Come down to The Curb and experience the best BMX shop in KL.

Beside that, you can also get Devise Clothing stuff and many more good quality local brands from Depot by Devise, which is situated at the same place as The Curb

Like their facebook at to get more updates since they are more active at facebook.


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Newest BMX Shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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the curb shop

THE CURB is the layout or form of presentation of a lifestyle created by Kayuhbmx, a body that handle almost everything about BMX in Malaysia. This lifestyle consists of art, fashion, BMX and entertainment. It’s simply the way we perceive life from what we have lived through, seen and taught. THE CURB is rough yet clean, wild and extreme. We live for the moment, we do what we feel, bending the rules of society.

Simply the way we perceive life

The Curb is a BMX Boutique that carry most of BMX brands together with local and international clothing brands.

the curb map

1385398_10151758668178096_661962531_n the curb logo 1 1381251_10151789818723096_943619744_n 1379264_10151789790253096_1079142305_n

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This time we come out with a simple a simple tshirt design but have something that we hope can motivate riders. We use “unite & stand” theme because that we want all riders, especially BMX riders to unite as one and stand on our right.

Nowadays, we can see some ‘new people’ tried to enter our beloved BMX industries because they realize that they can make ‘money’ out of our BMX scene/industries since Malaysian BMX scene/industries is getting bigger and better.

We hope that riders can see the differences of people who really passionate about our BMX scene, and those people who just suddenly came in just to make profit here.

Sooner or later you will know who they are. These people also tried to split some riders, without you noticing it.

That’s why we need to UNITE as one, and STAND against those people want to take advantage out of our BMX scene.

Kayuhbmx will be with whoever that sincerely want to support our BMX scene. No matter who you are.

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This is District!!

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District Shop is 100% pure street in the form
of iconic graffiti-based visual and street references. It’s a retail
shop where you can get graffiti supply, street stuff, BMX parts,
skateboard stuff, design studio, custom decal/sticker, local goodness
from t-shirts, shoes, limited edition vinyl toys, bags, as well as
other dopest miscellaneous items.

Currently they are bringing BMX stuffs like Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Kink Bike and United Bike.
More parts to come.

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