The Curb new location

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The Curb BMX Shop has moved to a new location at Mont Kiara Skatepark. It has now become a hub for BMX in Malaysia, its a place for you to buy bikes & parts, a place for you to hang out and also a place for you to ride! Everything in one place.

The Curb new address is at

Kompleks Rakan Muda Bukit Kiara,
Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, Bukit Kiara,
60000, Kuala Lumpur.

Whatsapp contact: 0126841441



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Vans : Illustrated



The Vans BMX Team is a group of creative individuals who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on two wheels. In doing so, each rider illustrates their own artistic approach and style on the many canvases of concrete, dirt, and wood. Even after they are done riding their marks can still be seen in what has been left behind; from the tire tracks in the dirt to the marks on the walls, rails and ledges.

“ILLUSTRATED – A VANS BMX VIDEO. Vans first-ever, feature length global BMX video since the company’s inception in 1966. See the Vans ILLUSTRATED trailer and get more info at ”

Mark your calendar on this 4th June 2016 (Saturday).
Vans BMX Video : ILLUSTRATED will be premiering at The Curb Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Dont miss this historical event. See you guys soon. ✌?️

vans illustrated


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A Day With Sunny


A day in life with Sunny video project with Sony Malaysia to promote the new Sony Action Cam HDR-AZ1VR.

The Sony Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1 is smaller and lighter than many competitors; it has excellent video quality with solid electronic image stabilization; the live-view remote lets you wirelessly preview, review and change settings, and has GPS; it has a splashproof body and a removable, rechargeable battery; the included tripod mount gives you plenty of accessory choice.

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Haro Malaysia Tour video

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The wait is over! Haro Malaysia Tour video is out!! Watch how Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray and Matthias Dandois killing the parks and streets in Malaysia. We hope that more and more riders could come over to our country and promote BMX here. #haromalaysiatour


“I’d been to Malaysia back in the early 2000’s. It was one of those trips where I saw three things: the airport, the hotel, and the contest area. I always wanted to go back to explore, and a decade later, the lure of a pro contest in a tropical country in Southeast Asia had me looking into tickets. Now was the chance!

As team manager, I become responsible for a lot of things. I have to design a trip. Who to take? Where to stay? What if it rains the whole time? I see the whole trip unfold in my head a thousand different ways well before we even board the plane. I have to do a lot of research before I purchase those tickets…I can’t have this trip fail, and heading to a place that no riders really visit is pretty risky. But, at least the event would take up most the time anyway…

First dudes on the trip were Mike Gray and Tyler Fernengel. They both joined the Haro team earlier in the year and it was their turn to hit the road. And as a bonus, they are young and inexperienced travelers that I hoped to introduce some culture to and give them a trip to remember. Matthias Dandois has traveled the entire world over and over again, but I was surprised to hear he had not yet visited Malaysia. Matthias is such a unique rider and he’s a positive guy to be around—he was coming for sure. Finally, Dennis Enarson got the call. We all know Dennis can ride any terrain, but he gets an automatic invite just for being the amazing person he is. We needed a filmer. After picking the crew, only one guy came to mind to join us and that was Christian Rigal. It’s invaluable to have a filmer the crew knows personally. And, the filmer is carrying around a heavy bag all day, filming try after try for sometimes hours, missing meals, getting dehydrated, and while we all enjoy the sunset, the filmer is usually getting a time lapse shot in and then has to stay up late logging footage. They are long days on the road and I knew Christian could handle the job as well as have a good time with us.” —Colin Mackay

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The Curb X Devise Clothing collaboration project : BICYCLEMOTOCROSS

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Shahrul Reezwan BMX Malaysia The Curb

The Curb had teamed up with their retail partner in crime, Devise Clothing for a limited edition collaboration project; BICYCLEMOTOCROSS T-Shirt. The story is simple, their both came from the same root- BMX and they just want to let more people to know what is the three alphabets mean. Know the history, know the meaning; BICYCLEMOTOCROSS.

The T-Shirt comes in two colorways, White on Black and Black on Black. Both colors run in a limited quantity of 50 pieces each. To make it more rad, each T-Shirts come with a 30cm X 5.5cm dimension of a windscreen sticker.

Get it at The Curb or Depot By Devise

detail 3 white bmx tshirt detail 2 detail 1 car sticker black bmx tshirt

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AGUN BMX Grand Opening

shahrul reezwan bmx malaysia

A good friend of us, Aidwin from Agun BMX had invited our team to their shop launching happening this 15th of June 2014, located in Kuching, Sarawak.

There will be a BMX Street competition on the launching event. The prize are pretty big for a local company like Agun. It seems like a good vibe for Sarawak BMX scene.

So what are you waiting for… Sarawak BMX riders, be there to support Agun BMX !

Our team will be there to support Sarawak BMX scene. And riders from Indonesia will be joining the event too!!

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Newest BMX Shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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the curb shop

THE CURB is the layout or form of presentation of a lifestyle created by Kayuhbmx, a body that handle almost everything about BMX in Malaysia. This lifestyle consists of art, fashion, BMX and entertainment. It’s simply the way we perceive life from what we have lived through, seen and taught. THE CURB is rough yet clean, wild and extreme. We live for the moment, we do what we feel, bending the rules of society.

Simply the way we perceive life

The Curb is a BMX Boutique that carry most of BMX brands together with local and international clothing brands.

the curb map

1385398_10151758668178096_661962531_n the curb logo 1 1381251_10151789818723096_943619744_n 1379264_10151789790253096_1079142305_n

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