Back to 80’s Flatland Competition

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There will be a big Old Skool BMX Gathering this 7th July at D’Tempat, Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan.

There will be so many activities and competition such as OSBMX Showbike competition, OSBMX Dirtrace, K-Car gathering and so many more. And part of it, they will held a BMX Flatland competition Open & Beginner category ! The Open category will be counted in the TIC points. So what are you waiting for, dont forget to be part of this great event. Register now for Flatland competition by whatsapp to +6 01127528677

Open Category
1st – RM50
2nd – RM300
3rd – RM200
4th – RM100
6th ~ 10th – RM50
Beginner Category
1st – RM200
2nd – RM100
3rd – RM50



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KL Night Ride 2018



It was a last minute plan for a ride gathering at KL City Center in the Ramadhan month. We manage to gather quite a lot of riders just to ride around the city and have fun together. Good to see such a good vibes from everybody. Hope to see you again next time.

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Twenty Inch Season Grand Finale 2016 Season Video Highlight

Full Hightlight

it was lit… another great history for BMX in Malaysia. Full BMX day at Mont Kiara skatepark to celebrate the final event for TIC 2016 season. Congratulation to winners. We look forward for a better event in 2017 season.

Thanks to Vans Malaysia for making this happen. Thanks to all our partners, RaweRawe, Rampmaster, Chainminator, Redbull Malaysia, MDG Clothing, Tiong Hin, TRM Bikeshop, Devise Clothing, Huhu Wax Clay, Crunchy Munchy, AgunBMX, Basikal Kita, KBS, Civilian Apparel, Mprolabs, OSBMX Malaysia, Goyang Kaki BMX Crew, Bangstry Crew, Kluang BMX Crew, UndernorthBMX Crew & AlwaysBMX Crew.




BMX Street / Park Highlight

BMX Flatland Highlight

Side Event & Overall WInners Hightlight

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Ride Your City Photos

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Congratulation to all winner

BMX Highest Bunnyhop

1st – Putek JB (39 inches)

2nd – Syafiq Norzazlan (38 inches)

3rd – Aqram Razali (38 inches)



Fixed Gear Free Style Highest Bunnyhop

1st – Jaka (38 inches)

2nd – Ayui (36 inches)

3rd – Azlan (34 inches)



BMX Old Skool Freestyle

1st – Syed Klang

2nd – Shah Foodjam

3rd – Paktam





Thanks to Pedal Malaya for the opportunity


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The Malaysian Old School BMX Gathering 2015 photos


It was a history. its the biggest OSBMX gathering had been made in Malaysia. The turn up was massive! Around 200-300 OSBMX lovers came over from all over Malaysia was there at Arena Skatepark PJ to be part of the biggest OSBMX gathering.

There were some activities in the gathering such as “nice bike competition”, “survivor bike competition” and some more, and the best and most awaited would be the freestyle competition. Congratulation to Zulkamal for winning the freestyle competition. Our rider, Sunny won 3rd place. Not bad. LOL.


They end the event with “fun ride” program, which is all the riders cycle from Arena Skatepark make one round in the Petaling Jaya town and come back to the skatepark.

But the most important thing is, everybody enjoy and had fun at the event.




The event was a huge success. Congratulations to the organiser from Kayuhbmx. We hope to see a bigger one next year.





IMG_3669 IMG_3723  IMG_3720 IMG_3719 IMG_3718 IMG_3714 IMG_3712 IMG_3701 IMG_3698 IMG_3689 IMG_3682 IMG_3680 IMG_3725IMG_3837IMG_3832IMG_3828IMG_3826IMG_3825IMG_3814IMG_3810IMG_3809IMG_3806IMG_3795IMG_3784IMG_3776 IMG_3767 IMG_3757 IMG_3750IMG_3748 IMG_3733IMG_3728 IMG_3844 IMG_4168 IMG_4158 IMG_4156 IMG_4153 IMG_4145 IMG_4142  IMG_4129 IMG_4127 IMG_4125 IMG_4113 IMG_4106 IMG_4101 IMG_4092 IMG_4087 IMG_4054 IMG_4047 IMG_4042-2 IMG_4035  IMG_4034-2 IMG_4029 IMG_4024 IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4010 IMG_4002 IMG_3983 IMG_3966 IMG_3960 IMG_3954 IMG_3947 IMG_3944 IMG_3938 IMG_3932 IMG_3929 IMG_3921 IMG_3918 IMG_3900 IMG_3893 IMG_3890 IMG_3882 IMG_3878 IMG_3871 IMG_3862 IMG_3853 IMG_3851 IMG_3848 IMG_4169 IMG_4294 IMG_4283 IMG_4270 IMG_4257 IMG_4254 IMG_4251 IMG_4237 IMG_4234 IMG_4232 IMG_4221 IMG_4215 IMG_4211 IMG_4201 IMG_4192 IMG_4191 IMG_4190 IMG_4183 IMG_4180 IMG_4300 IMG_4312 IMG_4310 IMG_4309 IMG_4308 IMG_4306 IMG_4303 IMG_4302 IMG_4317 IMG_4325 IMG_4329 IMG_4332 IMG_4368 IMG_4362 IMG_4358 IMG_4354 IMG_4346 IMG_4342 IMG_4337 IMG_4383 IMG_4387 IMG_4445 IMG_4440 IMG_4438 IMG_4434 IMG_4431 IMG_4400 IMG_4395 IMG_4392 IMG_4391 IMG_4446 IMG_4563 IMG_4561 IMG_4558 IMG_4555 IMG_4553 IMG_4551 IMG_4548 IMG_4546 IMG_4543 IMG_4540 IMG_4538 IMG_4536 IMG_4531 IMG_4529 IMG_4527 IMG_4525 IMG_4522 IMG_4519 IMG_4515 IMG_4511 IMG_4509 IMG_4505 IMG_4503 IMG_4500 IMG_4497 IMG_4495 IMG_4492 IMG_4488 IMG_4484 IMG_4479 IMG_4475 IMG_4473 IMG_4470 IMG_4468 IMG_4466 IMG_4464 IMG_4462 IMG_4460 IMG_4459 IMG_4449

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