Revolution issue #101 out now!!!

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Revolution issue #101 out now!!!

i just receive the new revolution issue #101 today, still hot from the printing factory. hopefully its gonna be on your nearest bookstore/newsstand by next week.

What you will dig from this issue??
Amy Hellboy’s interview (street/park)
Pak Koq’s interview (flatland)
Nike 6.0 review
Devise Clothing review
Boy Sarawak photo doing can-can footjam for Caspia Footwear promo
Shafeeq’s bike check
Ariff Shah Alam teaching you how to bunnyhop
Mat Dagu doing dumptruck on the kaleidoscope section.
and last but not least, KAYUHBMX advertisement. i know u like it.

check it out.

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Revolution magazine now will featured BMX

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Revolution has come up to their 100th issue next month.
(it has 2 cover. Skate on the front cover, and BMX on the back cover)

After 10years in the industry, now they will featured BMX in their magazine (again)
For the this issue, it will featured Boy Sarawak and Zulkamal in the interview section and Qaiczer for the ‘Bike Check’ section.
Get it at your nearest bookstore while stock last.

*the tittle will still be ‘The Skateboarding REVOLUTION’ because of some registration rules and guidelines that need to fulfilled. Whatever it is, I will still fight for it. Hope they can change the name soon.

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