CSR Project for Kuantan BMX Scene

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This is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project that fully sponsored by Vans Malaysia for Kuantan BMX community.

We had a discussion with Vans Malaysia last few month regarding this project. We choose Kuantan, Pahang because we can see that the BMX scene in Kuantan is growing and very active but they dont have a skatepark to ride.

So we make this initiative to help them to build an ‘A-Frame’ obstacle in a new area so that they can make that area active with riding activities and from there the local council or any other private company can see it and might build a new proper skatepark for them.

The ramp is located at Taman Teruntum Mini Zoo, very near to Teluk Cempedak. It has a very nice forest area and also near to the beach. The area is very easy to access and its open to everybody to ride there.

Why we choose to to build an ‘A-Frame’ obstacle is because this obstacle is easy to ride and we can build it fast since we have only one day to build it.

We hope that this effort could make Kuantan BMX scene grow bigger and better. Looking forward for more great BMX riders that come from Kuantan.
And we hope that Kuantan BMX community will keep on advocate a lot of riding activities like what they always did.

Thanks to Munir from Vans Malaysia for approving this project. Big thanks to Sunny (Ramp Master) for all the effort and hard work in building this ramp. Your cooperation are greatly appreciated.
Thanks to Abang Mus and Imran from Kuantan BMX Community for all the help to make this project happen.
Thanks to all the crews, Botax, Matno Penang, Boy Sarawak, Mack Stures, Syafiq and Omar for helping out in everything that we need.

And last but not least thanks to all Kuantan BMX community for the support and help that has been given.

We hope that we can do this kind of project again next time.