Vans Checkerboard Day

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November 18th is a Vans Checkerboard Day – The world is your checkerboard. Together makes it better. The day everything gets better because we’re doing it together as a community. Its the time we give back community.

This year Vans Malaysia are collaborating with us with some activities for the Vans Checkerboard Day. And this year Vans Malaysia has selected the Dignity for Children Foundation to do some charity program for the students. Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A good news to them, Vans Malaysia will build a skatepark at their school! what an amazing effort from Vans!

The event start with having an art class for the students, after that give them some music performances.
And the most waiting part is the BMX & Skateboard show by Vans Malaysia riders. We can see how excited the students to watch the adrenalin rush show.

After that we did a simple clinic to teach those students basic BMX & Skateboarding. We glad to see some of them who dont know how to cycle before this manage to start cycling today. We looking forward for a BMX rider in the future that come from these students.

And later that day, we did a charity program together with Dapur Pedal to give some food to the some needed people around Kuala Lumpur City Center. We glad to see some happiness in their face whenever they receive the ‘small help’ from us.

The day end with everybody was happy that we can do a small contribution to the community during the Vans Checkerboard Day. Thank you Vans Malaysia

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Rebirth of Kiara Skatepark Best Trick (Skateboard & BMX)

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What better way to celebrate the re-opening of Kiara Skatepark with a best trick contest at the new skatepark?

About this event

Contest Format: Best Trick + Cash For Tricks

Date & Time: 13th November 2021

Skateboard: 3PM – 5PM (Limited to 30 pax) / BMX: 5PM – 7PM (Limited to 20 pax)


1st Place: RM500 + Vans Goodies

2nd Place: RM300 + Vans Goodies

3rd Place: RM200 + Vans Goodies

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Mont Kiara Skatepark Rebuild By Ramp Master

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Mont Kiara Skatepark Revamp By Ramp Master

Kayuhbmx in association with Ramp Master has been appointed by Vans Malaysia to re-build the ‘Big Ramp Section’ at Mont Kiara Skatepark. We build a new roll in for the jump box flow, create a wider quarter pipe and did some refurbish to those ramp to make it look nice and proper.

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